How to find a trustworthy carpet cleaning technician

December 10, 2013

In the carpet cleaning industry, things are quite simple from a customer’s perspective: you can either rent a carpet cleaner (a machine) such as Rug Doctor and do the work yourself or book a professional carpet cleaning company such as ours is.

If you’ve decided to go for the latter, viewing that the costs are not that higher and that the company’s technicians will do all the work for you and in a professional manner, you need to remember these useful tips to make sure you get the best service there is:

It’s your home and you make the rules

a home ready for winter

It is your home that needs to have its carpets cleaned, so make sure you set out the rules (image credit)

We always train our carpet cleaning technicians so that they are aware of the difference between a commercial project and a home that needs carpet cleaning.

For us, cleaning carpets in a home is not just another project, rather it is a world on its own and having been booked for a job in that home is a sign of trust.

That’s why we will keep you informed of who will clean the carpets for you, when they will do it and we will also give you their contact details and a one hour notice before we get to your place.

Also, you need to remember that our staff is always available by phone (0208 861 0979) or e-mail (contact [at] so do feel free to contact us at any time.

Should there be any issues with our work, do let our carpet technicians know or contact us directly and we will sort it all out for you.

There is one team and you have the last word

teamwork in carpet cleaning

For us, it’s all about teamwork and getting real carpet cleaning results (image credit)

We’re well more than aware that a home has its own hectic lifestyle and it’s not part of your duties to sort our problems.

That is why it is always best to think of our carpet technicians as trustworthy people who will do their job exactly as you want it.

They will clean carpets, upholstery or your rugs and will always check with you at the end to make sure you’re getting the best of this type of service.

As usual, you have the last word in terms of quality control and any other carpet cleaning work that you might require us to do.

We’ve never had conflicts with our clients because that’s not what we’ve started out to do, so rest assure we will do our job the only way it should be done: professionally.

It is your money and we have to earn it

save money and book a good technician

Save money by getting a good deal from our booking staff (image credit)

Since carpet cleaning is a whole, large industry, it’s best if you get advice before booking with us. As you may be already aware, we give free advice over the phone so that you know exactly the service that you will get from us.

Also, a scope of works document will come in handy, meaning that you can use it to let us know exactly what it is you need us to clean, before booking a service (such as: carpets, upholstery, rugs or to remove stains).

Keeping track of everything we were booked to clean is the best way to make sure both you and our carpet technicians have done their share of the deal.

A simple list which you can show to the carpet cleaning technician before he starts cleaning carpets will greatly keep track of everything there is to be done.

More tips to come

more ideas to follow

We’ll post more ideas and suggestions about carpet cleaning, so keep close (image credit)

We will keep on writing about items that you need and carpet cleaning tips from your perspective, to make sure you will get the professional carpet cleaning service we’re well known in London for.

In the meanwhile, we’re having a carpet cleaning in North London promotion, so get in touch with us and get a really good quote from our staff by calling 020 8930 2650 and we will take it from there!