Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Is it hard to find a reliable steam carpet cleaning service in London? Whatever you do, the old stains remain in place and new spots appear. You’ve tried various cleaning companies, but none of them meets your high demands?

Then our steam cleaning is just what you need! This method is also known as hot water extraction and it is considered by experts to be the most efficient treatment which is able to remove more dirt per square meter than any other cleaning method. In addition with our hot water extraction cleaning service in London, your rugs and textile floors will be completely sanitized as the hot water eliminates bacteria, mites and even mould spores.

Why is Steam Carpet Cleaning Method so Good?

  • Extracts more dirt and dust than any other cleaning method – reaches deep into the carpet pile.
  • Sanitizes your carpet by destroying bio contaminants such as bacteria, mould spores, mites.
  • Reduces allergens on which makes it a perfect solution for families with children and pets.
  • Steam carpet cleaning is eco-friendly method as it does not require usage of harsh chemicals.
  • No risk of mechanical damage to the carpet fibers.

Why Choose Magic Carpet Cleaning?

  • We know exactly which cleaning system to apply.

  • We have 15+ years of experience in cleansing carpets, rugs and textile floors of different types.
  • We have individual approach to every different carpet – when it comes to exotic fabrics, tender colors and fine fabrics – Magic Carpet Cleaning is the right choice!
  • Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and biodegradable, they do not harm the health of infants, children and pets.
  • By the methods of steam carpet cleaning we get 100% positive result on the first treatment of the spots and dirt!
  • Our professional carpet cleaners are fully insured and certified.
  • We have hundreds of recommendations for our expertise in steam carpet cleaning!

London Is a Cosmopolitan and You Never Know Who Might Just Drop by Unexpectedly!

Pet hair, dirt, memories of your children’s growth … and what about the cheerful reminders on the carpet of the last party at home or in the office! Keep the memories in pictures on the wall, not on your carpet! Affordable and reliable steam carpet cleaning by the experts of Magic Carpet Cleaning ensures fast cleaning of your carpet, at a very reasonable price!

How to Win Once and for All The Battle Against Stains and Dirt on The Carpet?

Steam cleaning is a professional, reliable and 100% ecological method by which we will remove the dirt and stains from your carpet! The method of hot water extraction features an excellent result, since it does not use harmful chemicals or artificial add-ons, which can damage the fabric or the color of your carpet or harm your children’s and pets’ health.

The wise decision – leave the carpet stains battle to the professionals and you will be the Winner!
We’ve created the ultimate system for steam carpet cleaning and apply it successfully for five years now, helping thousands of Londoners, gone desperate to see their home or office clean and bright again!
Our team of professional carpet cleaners are fully trained and equipped to deal with any stain on your carpet, rug or textile floor!

All you need to do if you want to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively clean your carpets in London is to call now 0208 861 0979 and get your free quote on the phone! You can check out our other carpet cleaning services as well.