How To Make Sure You’re Booking the Right Carpet Cleaning Company in London

December 9, 2013

There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies in London for everyone to choose from; however, to make sure you’re booking the right one, you need to make use of the following tips:

Insurance: Does the company have carpet cleaning insurance?

carpet cleaning insurance

Ensure that the carpet cleaning company has business liability insurance.

Before booking a London carpet cleaning company, when asking for a quote or when making the first initial contact with such a service provider, feel free to ask if the said company has a business or personal liability insurance.

It may surprise you that not everyone carries out such an insurance and that not everyone can provide you with proof of one. It is your right to ask them to bring proof of such insurance before visiting your property.

A business liability insurance will greatly protect both you, your items and the carpet cleaners in the event of an unfortunate event.

Certifications: Are their registered with a trading body or certification organisation?

certified carpet cleaners

Make sure the London company uses certified chemicals and tools, and is accredited by the industry’s leading organisations.

Also before booking, ask the carpet cleaning representative to give you proof that they are certified and trained to a professional organisation’s standards.

Such certifications ensure that the work carried out for you is done at the latest standards in the industry and that the carpet cleaning technicians who will do the work for you are aware of the latest methods and equipment usage in the industry.

Payment methods: What sort of payment methods do they accept and when should you pay?

accepted payment methods

Before booking, ask about the payment methods they accept and when you’re required to pay.

Make sure you ask, before booking a carpet cleaner from London, for more details about the payment methods they accept, such as: bank account transfer, invoice, cash, debit / credit card.

Also, please be aware that a responsible carpet cleaning company such as Magic Carpet Cleaning will ask payment after the work has been finished and after you are happy with the results.

Such a technique will also ensure that you pay for a service instead of paying upfront and risk not receiving any service whatsoever.

Other tips to take into consideration

carpet cleaning ideas

We’ll be writing more about tips of booking a carpet cleaning company in London, so keep close.

Due to the outstanding amount of customers who’ve told us that they had booked a carpet cleaning company and they have received no service whatsoever in return, we are making a guide to choosing a qualified, results guaranteed London carpet cleaning company such as Magic, so keep close for more tips!