How to Get Salt Stains Out of Your Carpets?

December 8, 2023
How to Get Salt Stains Out of Your Carpets?

During winter, you may have noticed white stains on your carpet. These stains happen due to calcium carbonate present in salt/ice melt used to thaw the ice. Over time, they attract dirt and grime and disintegrate carpet fibres, leaving your carpet dirty and stained.

In this blog, experts from Magic Carpet Cleaning have listed the perfect way to remove these stains from carpets to help them look their best and avoid damage. So follow this guide to get rid of salt stains quickly!

Steps to Remove Salt Stain From Carpet

1. Gather the Necessary Supplies and Tools

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vinegar solution
  • Spray bottle
  • Clothes
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Dishwashing soap

Note: You can also purchase a salt stain remover from the store, but it may contain harmful chemicals.

2. Vacuum the Stained Area

Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to keep your carpet clean. So you should Start by vacuuming the stained area to remove any loose and dry pieces of salt. You can also use the soft-bristled brush to bring the salt to the surface, making it easier to vacuum.

3. Dampen with Vinegar Solution

Next, mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over the stained area without soaking it. Let the solution sit for at least four to five minutes, and let acetic acid neutralise the alkalinity of the salt stain.

4. Blot Away the Moisture

Use a microfiber cloth or several paper towels to blot the stain area. Apply pressure by standing on the cloth to absorb the excess moisture. Before blotting, ensure that your cloth or paper towel is clean to avoid any issues.

5. Let the Carpet Dry

Let the carpet dry after cleaning. Avoid walking on the carpet or letting the pets in during this time. After completely drying the carpet, give the stained area a last vacuum to freshen up the fibres.

What to do if Salt Stains Persist?

If the vinegar-water solution doesn’t work on salt stains, here is another way to tackle them.

⇒ Prepare Cleaning Solution

Make a cleaning solution by mixing two tablespoons of liquid dish soap in 2 cups of cold water.

⇒ Clean the Stain

Use a soft-bristled brush and dip it into the solution. Start working on the stain from the outside and make your way to the centre. Massage the cleaning solution into the stain, but avoid using excess force to prevent damage. Continue working the solution on the stain for at least five to ten minutes.

⇒ Blot Away

Blot the solution with a clean microfiber cloth or use a bunch of paper towels. You can blot until salt no longer gets transferred on cloth or paper towels. Then dip a fresh cloth into water and rinse the area with it. Remove all the excess solution with this technique and blot until you no longer get soapy residue.

Finally, let the carpet dry completely and open all the windows. Don’t allow foot traffic back until your carpet gets dry.

∗ Some Additional Tips to Remove Salt Stains from Carpets

  • To protect your carpet in winter, place doormats at the entrance to catch dirt, snow and salt.
  • Enforce a strict “no-shoe policy.”
  • Vacuum the high-traffic areas near the entrance frequently to keep dirt and salt at bay.

Trust the Experts

Salt stains on your carpet can be a real problem during winter, especially when you are busy preparing a feast or entertaining guests during the holidays. But worry not. We have the best solutions for your stain problem at Magic Carpet Cleaning.

Our experts have years of experience in stain removal, and they will get rid of all the stubborn salt stains quickly and effectively. We will ensure your carpet looks its best and deliver satisfactory results.