How To Get Tough Stains Out Of Microfiber Couch?

November 9, 2023
How To Get Tough Stains Out Of Microfiber Couch?

Microfiber sofas are an excellent choice for your home due to their velvety texture, comfiness and stain resistance. But just because the couch has stain-resistant properties doesn’t mean you should ignore the stains and spills on it.

In this blog, our experts from Magic Carpet Cleaning have listed the perfect ways to get stains out of a microfiber couch. It will help you tackle different types of stains on your couch and remove them effectively.

Ways to Get Stains Out of Microfiber Couch

Before You Start

Before cleaning your microfiber couch, you should check the manufacturer’s label. It will help you clean it properly and prevent unwanted damage. Make a note of the symbol on it. Here are some of the most common symbols and what they indicate.

W: only use water or a water-based cleaner.
S: Use solvent and non-water solutions.
W/S: You can use both water and non-water cleaners.
X: Avoid using any solvents. Only use a vacuum and dry clean.

Ensure you read the label carefully before proceeding.

⇒ Food and Drink Stains

Most of us have the habit of munching and drinking something while enjoying a good movie, even if it’s on the couch. Unfortunately, this guilty pleasure often results in unsightly food and drink stains.

You can prevent damage to your couch by acting quickly and blotting the excess mess with paper towels. After that, pour a drop of washing liquid on a clean, white cloth and apply water to activate it. Dab the stained area with the cloth until you remove the stain. You can remove coffee, tea and even buttered popcorn stains with this hack.

⇒ Ink Stains

Microfiber is an excellent fabric for your upholstery, as it is durable and stain-repellent. Still, ink can quickly stain microfiber fabrics and affect their look. To remove ink from your couch, you’ll need rubbing alcohol or dishwashing detergent and vinegar for W and S labels, respectively.

Mix two teaspoons of detergent and white vinegar into two cups of warm water, and pour the solution into a spray bottle, spray some of it onto a clean cloth. Do the same with rubbing alcohol.

Dab the stained area with the cloth soaked in the solution, and be careful not to push the stain deeper into the couch. For the dishwashing solution, rinse and dry with a clean cloth, and for S-label fabrics, continue to add more alcohol until the ink breaks down.

⇒ Musty Odour

Some spills and stains leave behind a distinct musty odour on your couch, which will stay there for a long time and cause discomfort until you do something. A simple way to remove this unpleasant smell is with baking soda.

Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda on the couch before you go to sleep. Leave the powder overnight to absorb the pungent odour. Vacuum the sofa thoroughly the next morning to remove the odour from your couch.

⇒ Grease

Oil and grease spills occur on your microfiber couch when your kids touch the sofa with greasy hands or for multiple other reasons. But whatever the reason, grease stains can be difficult to remove once they settle on the microfiber fabric.

However, a simple solution of warm water and liquid dish soap can help eliminate the stain effectively. Just spray some on a clean rag and blot the solution. Continue doing this until you get the stain out, then rinse with cold water and dry thoroughly.

Let Us Handle Stubborn Stains

While microfiber fabrics have more stain resistance than other upholstery fabrics, some stains just won’t come off with DIY cleaning. You will need to get professional help to tackle these stains.

Our experts have the skills and knowledge to handle any stain on your microfiber couch and remove it with advanced equipment and efficient methods. Moreover, we have the means to protect your furniture from staining, which will keep it looking spotless for longer.