How to Protect Fabric Furniture from Staining

May 10, 2022
stain protection

Fabric furniture can take quite the beating. Whether at home or in the office, upholstered chairs, sofas, and recliners need all the help they can get.

While it’s tempting to just wrap everything in plastic, there are other more practical ways to protect your furniture.

We know you probably paid a small fortune for your upholsteries. So, we decided we’d share our guide on how to protect fabric furniture from staining.

Read ahead to learn some neat tips and tricks to protect your furniture and keep it spotless.

5 Ways to Protect Your Fabric Furniture from Stains

There’s no way you can prevent dust, dirt, and stains from clinging to upholstered furniture, especially if you have kids or pets. However, there are a handful of things you can do to ensure your sofas and chairs stay clean and well-protected.

Check them out.

Invest in Stain Resistant Upholstery

One of the best things that technology has blessed us with is stain resistant fabrics. This layer of protection is incorporated into the material as it’s being milled.

In other words, each thread is treated individually for the ultimate in stain resistance. Moreover, this type of fabric also keeps your upholstery protected against odours, mildew, and moisture.

Then, if that weren’t enough, this type of upholstery is super easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s hard-wearing and durable to guarantee that it lasts through all kinds of spills and stains.

Use a Spray-On Fabric Protector Treatment

If you’d prefer not to splurge on stain resistant fabrics, you can give ordinary fabric a similar kind of protection by using a fabric protector. Gone are the days when you had to cover your furniture with blankets and plastic sheets. Nowadays, all you have to do is shake the bottle and then spray an upholstery protector.

It’s hailed as one of the most effective ways of maintaining a spotless couch. When you spray the liquid, it dries up on the upholstery forming a protective coating. This coating acts as a barrier that prevents spills and stains from seeping into the fabric.

Keep in mind that these treatments will wear off in a few months. So, make sure you reapply when needed.

Get Some Fashionable Slipcovers

No, we don’t mean throw some old sheets over your furniture and call it a day. We’re referring to the soft, stylish, and colourful protective slipcovers that fit over your furniture.

For years, slipcovers have gotten a bad rap. Yet, nowadays, they’re making a remarkable comeback, thanks to their wide range of colours and styles. Not only that, but they’re also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit every furniture type.

The best part is how easy they are to slip on and off the upholstery. In addition, they’re durable and can be washed in the machine for maximum convenience.

Another great feature is they come with an elastic stitched around the edges to help keep the slipcover in place. So, no more covers flipping off the armchair or falling off the couch. The elastic helps ensure a perfect fit every time.

Then, when you have company, simply remove it, leaving you with a fabulous looking, immaculate piece of furniture.

Clean Fabric Regularly

Pet hair, crumbs, dust—they all find their way onto your couch. Then, they form a thin layer that builds up week after week. Subsequently, each time you sit on your furniture, that layer gets pushed further into the fabric, along with moisture and oils from your skin and clothing.

One low-maintenance way to keep your upholstery looking pristine is to vacuum once a week and steam clean once a month.

Vacuuming is excellent for cleaning all of those hard-to-reach corners in the upholstery. Not only does it remove that thin layer of dust and debris, but it also reduces allergens that find their way into the fabric.

Another quick and effective option is to use a lint remover. It’s easy to use and works wonders at removing pet hair.

Treat Stains Immediately

There’s no easy way to put this: you have to clean spills right away. You can’t put it off because you have guests or you’re tired.

The longer that stain sits there, the less likely you’ll be able to get it out, if at all. Then, you’ll be left with a sad-looking indelible, permanent stain.

To avoid all that, keep some stain and odour removers on hand at all times. Then, when the dreaded accident happens, you’ll immediately kick into action.

There are a lot of great products on the market. Yet, those that come highly recommended are made from gentle ingredients that help maintain the integrity of the fabric while effectively removing any stain remnants.

Though, we have to mention that some of the best stain removers are already in your kitchen. Take a look at these homemade stain treatments.

  • White vinegar
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Mild dish soap diluted in some distilled water

Change Where You Eat

A large percentage of stains on fabric furniture comes from the foods we eat. So, it only makes sense that if we want to keep our upholstery in pristine shape, we’ll look for another place to eat.

Maybe you can set up a cosy kitchen nook where you enjoy all your meals. If you prefer to eat in the living room in front of the TV, you can layer a couple of blankets and cushions on the floor for an indoor picnic.

The point is to start changing some of your habits. Actually, going through with these stain prevention techniques can feel like a nuisance at first. However, just one look at your sleek, pristine furniture is enough to keep you motivated and encourage you to follow through.


Now that you know how to protect fabric furniture from staining, it’s time to put everything you learned into action. Knowing what to do to keep your upholstery stain-free can breathe new life into your home.

You can finally rest easy, stop worrying about spills and stains, and enjoy your beautiful stain-free furniture.