How to Choose The Best Carpet for Your Home?

May 22, 2023
Best Carpet for your Home

Choosing the right carpet for your home is an important decision. The right choice will further enhance the aesthetics of your place. But a wrong one can lead to years worth of expensive maintenance and replacement.

Thus, when choosing a carpet for your home, you should prioritise durable and easy-to-clean carpets over the ones that look good. Buying a carpet just for it’s fluffy appearance can end up costing you more in the long run. So how do you avoid that?

Lucky for you, we know everything about carpets. And in this write-up, we will share our advice to help you choose the perfect carpet for your place. So read on to find out.

Things to Consider while choosing a Carpet for Home

➼ Consider your Lifestyle Needs

Your lifestyle and unique needs are important factors to consider when looking for a carpet. For instance, your needs will vary depending on if you are a pet owner or not and if you have small children.

Most homeowners with pets and toddlers will prefer a carpet that can be cleaned and sanitised easily. But newlyweds and older couples will do well with a carpet that improves the overall ambience of their place.

➼ Your Budget

Carpets come in multiple price ranges. So while searching for a carpet, you should fix your budget range. Carpets also have a flexible price range from £5-8 to £45-60 per square foot. It makes it easier to find a carpet within your price point.

Fixing your budget will prevent you from overspending on the wrong carpet just because of aesthetics. Also, some carpet retailers charge high prices for stain-resistant carpets, so you should take that into account while budgeting. Otherwise, stain protection and deodorising can end up costing you more.

➼ Carpet Material

The fibres or the materials that make a carpet are of different kinds and varieties. Each one has a varying level of durability, softness and resistance to stains. The different carpet types include synthetic and natural materials like wool, nylon, polyester and other blends.

If your home faces daily high-foot traffic, synthetic materials like nylon are an excellent option for you. But if you choose a shaggy wool carpet, it will look good sitting in your living room for a while.

And after that, it will turn dull and drab and restoring it to its original condition will be difficult.

Conversely, nylon carpets are much easier to clean and more durable than woolly carpets. Also, nylon carpets are more resistant to dirt and grime compared to fluffy carpets. It is why they are a good choice for long-term investment.

➼ Consider Ease of Maintenance

Let’s say you purchased a carpet because it looked very attractive with silky soft fibres. But after a few months, your carpet started getting dirtier, and no cleaning tricks worked on it. Why did this happen?

It happened because you purchased a carpet without considering long-term maintenance. While looks and aesthetics should be a factor in your choice of carpet, they shouldn’t be the ones driving it.

Before purchasing a carpet, ask yourself, “Will I be able to maintain it with regular cleaning and professional deep cleaning once in a while?” Whatever answer you come to will be the final decision.

➼ Seek Professional Advice

If you are still confused about which carpet to choose for your place, you can ask professionals providing carpet cleaning services for advice. They have cleaned many carpets and have a vast knowledge of each carpet type.

You can tell them about your specific needs and requirements, and they will give you advice based on your preferences. Experts also consider factors like your budget and ease of maintenance to give you a custom recommendation. You can call them just to ask this question, and they will give a valid response.

Bottom Line

Buying a carpet for your home based only on appearance can be a decision that you regret. When looking for a carpet, you should keep your needs and budget in mind. Additionally, you should prefer nylon carpets more than exotic carpets for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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