Why “Free” Stain Protection and Deodorising Could End Up Costing You More?

April 17, 2023
Stain Protection

You must have come across different schemes where many carpet cleaning companies provide ‘free’ stain protection and deodorising along with their cleaning services.

But is this free stain protection and deodorising really beneficial for you?

Cleaning companies provide such offers and free additional benefits along with cleaning to attract more customers to purchase their cleaning products and services. These offers might seem beneficial but these are nothing but just another marketing gimmick.

However, instead of getting attracted and falling for such tricks, you must consider the reality behind that. There are several possible drawbacks of these free services that may end up costing you more in the long run.

Genuine and high-quality carpet stain protector chemicals are quite expensive. It costs between £15 – £25 for one room. The chances are these companies either use a poor-quality product or mixed with water which makes them ineffective and useless.

These poor-quality chemicals will not provide you with a satisfactory result and you need to invest in stain protection and deodorising again and more often.

Furthermore, these free services are not as beneficial as the paid ones. Because cleaning companies that offer such additional benefits do not pay that much attention to detail.

In fact, sometimes these free stain protectors end up causing significant damage to your carpet because they are not suitable for every carpet type and lead to problems like discolouration and fading.

In addition to that, some stain protectors and deodorising solutions might contain harmful chemicals that can negatively affect the health of your family and pets, especially kids, elders and people with allergies are likely to get sick due to such chemicals.

When choosing a reliable carpet cleaning provider, you must not get tricked by such free schemes considering these hidden drawbacks that can cost you more in the long run.

You must do proper research related to the company. While doing so, you can ask questions about their cleaning products, stain protection and deodorising methods, and their reliability.

Instead of trusting such companies that offer ‘free’ additional service, you must put your and your family’s health on priority and invest in trustworthy service providers that ensure high-quality cleaning.

By doing this you will get satisfactory cleaning results that last longer and save you money in the long run.