A Checklist for Homeowners Before Carpet Cleaners Arrive

June 27, 2023
Checklist Before Carpet Cleaners Arrive

Even if you take care of your carpet with regular vacuuming and DIY cleaning methods, investing in professional carpet cleaning is a good idea. Professional cleaning helps maintain the spotless appearance of your carpet and prolongs its lifespan.

If you’ve just booked a carpet cleaning session, it is necessary for you to prepare your home before they arrive. Keeping the place prepared ensures efficient cleaning and better results. If you are not sure about the pre-cleaning steps, this blog can help you.

Here we have explained a detailed checklist of things you should do before professionals arrive.

Ultimate Checklist To Prepare Your Home for a Smooth Carpet Cleaning Experience

1. Clear The Carpet Area

The foremost thing you have to do is clear the area to be cleaned. Pick up everything on your floors. Things like toys, newspapers, and other household items scattered on your carpet might create unnecessary interruptions while cleaning.

Check every nook and cranny of your home (or the room to be cleaned) and collect such items. Also, look for smaller items like needles, coins, pins, etc.

2. Move The Furniture

As a next step, move the small pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, couches, etc., and shift them to another room. You can discuss before moving the large and heavy furniture with the cleaning professionals.

Some cleaning companies help you move the furniture. Also, they will assist you regarding the heavy items that might be hard to move.

3. Shift Fragile Items

Vas, table tops, and other decorative pieces might get damaged while cleaning, even if professionals take the best care. You should shift such fragile and valuable items to a safe place.

4. Note Areas with Spots and Stains

It is essential to check and note down all the areas of your carpet that might need special attention. Conduct a detailed inspection of your floors and thoroughly check for stains, spots, and high-traffic areas.

Check all the areas that need special attention and inform the professionals about them; so that they will come prepared for the same.

5. Vacuum The Carpet

Several carpet cleaning companies conduct pre-vacuuming before deep cleaning, while others don’t. Ask your professionals about the same and thoroughly vacuum your carpet if it is not in their cleaning process.

Vacuuming helps remove loose soil and dirt particles from your carpet and makes the cleaning quick and effective.

6. Make Space for Parking

Carpet cleaning companies use commercial-grade cleaning equipment. This equipment is usually mounted in a van or truck. So you can enquire about their vehicle and make sufficient space for it to park.

Also, they usually park their vehicle close to your home for convenient cleaning. So you need to make appropriate preparations.

7. Keep Pets & Children Away

If you have pets or children in your home, make sure they don’t interrupt the cleaning process. You can keep your pet and children in a separate room that won’t undergo cleaning.

Also, ensure they don’t walk on the carpet until it is completely dry after cleaning. If possible, keep them away from home for a few hours until the cleaning and drying process is complete.

8. Keep The Surrounding Clean

The accumulated dust, and dirt on your skirt boards, walls, and ceiling might settle down on your newly cleaned carpets. Therefore, you must clean your home before getting your carpets deep-cleaned.

Dust the walls, ceilings, and skirting boards. Also, remove the cobwebs and debris accumulated in your home.

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