Wool Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips By Magic Carpet Cleaning

July 28, 2023
Wool Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips By Magic Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpets provide invaluable beauty and warmth to your home, giving it a luxurious feel. But they are also difficult to clean, as they have thick fibres that lock in more dirt and moisture.

Still, it is possible to give your wool carpet the perfect cleaning with these amazing wool carpet care and maintenance tips from our experts at Magic Carpet Cleaning.

Wool Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

⇒ Vacuum Regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum them regularly. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt and grime from accumulating in the soft wool fibres and helps retain their fluffy appearance.

We recommend vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week. This way, you can keep dust and debris at bay and protect your carpet from excess wear and tear.

Don’t be too hasty while vacuuming. Use slow, gentle movements to cover the entire area. However, you should avoid using vacuums with a rotating head on wool carpets, as it can damage the fibres. Instead, use a plain suction head to reduce the chances of damage.
(Note: While vacuuming 1-3 times a week is the recommended frequency, you can change it as per your needs, like allergies, pets, children, etc.)

⇒ Clean The Stains Properly

Stains can be a huge problem for wool carpets. They can seep into the fibres and cause permanent staining or discolouration. The key to handling them is to act quickly and blot them with a clean, white cloth.

While blotting the stain, you should avoid rubbing vigorously, as that can damage the fibres and spread the stain. After removing the excess liquid, our experts suggest using a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution to treat the area.

Rinse with a small amount of water and repeat the process until the stain disappears. But don’t wet the entire carpet to clean a single spot, and remove the stains one at a time.

⇒ Invest In Carpet Protection

A carpet protector is a protective layer on your carpet that prevents harmful stains and liquid from penetrating the carpet. It lowers the excess wear and tear and helps prolong your carpet’s life.

Moreover, a carpet protector makes cleaning accidental spills much easier and provides water resistance. This helps your carpet stay dry even after unexpected leaks and water damage. Thus investing in a carpet protector can make your high-traffic carpets look new again.

⇒ Steam Clean Twice A Year

There is a persistent myth that steam cleaning is bad for wool carpets. But it only happens when done inappropriately. It won’t happen when you get your carpet steam cleaned by experienced professionals like us.

Our experts use the right amount of water to lift the stains and dirt from the carpet without leaving it soaking wet. And our powerful extraction machine quickly removes all the moisture with dirt and debris.

So hiring our expert for steam cleaning at least twice a year will help wool carpets look good and smell fresh.

⇒ Avoid Using Bleach

You shouldn’t use bleach on wool or other carpets under any circumstances. It is a corrosive chemical that will damage delicate fibres and can discolour them permanently.

Instead of bleach, we recommend using solutions made from household items like vinegar and baking soda. You can use these solutions to treat some mild stains and odours. But when using a cleaner on the carpet, test it first on a small hidden area. It will help you identify if the solution is right for the carpet.

⇒ Get Area Rugs & Doormats

We also suggest covering the high-traffic areas of your woollen carpet with area rugs. It has double benefits, as these rugs absorb the damage meant for the carpet and protect it. They are also easier to clean, which reduces your work.

Generally, the rugs cost much less and replacing them won’t cost much. Still, if you want to keep the rugs around longer, install doormats at your home’s entrances.

They will catch all the dirt and debris from the outside and reduce the amount entering your home. It will add another layer of protection to the carpet and the area rugs.

⇒ Dry The Carpet Thoroughly

In our years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, the biggest complaint about wool carpets is the drying time. Our clients tell us they tried cleaning it with water but ended up with mould growth under the carpet.

The key to preventing this is to dry the carpet completely. Our experts suggest you open all the windows and turn on the fans for proper ventilation. If you have access to mechanical fans, use them to dry the carpet thoroughly.

⇒ Groom Your Pets

Nobody loves wool carpets more than your family dog. But that love means excess fur, stains, and odours on your carpet. While cleaning is always an option, you should regularly groom your pets to reduce the hair and prevent the unpleasant odour. Here is what to do:

  • Trim your pet’s nails from time to time to prevent carpet snags.
  • Give your dog monthly baths to reduce the musty odour.
  • Clean up pet accidents quickly, as lingering particles and smells can encourage them to use the spot again.
  • Use a lint roller or a soft-bristled brush to remove excessive pet hair.
  • Brush your pet’s fur to reduce shedding.

If In Doubt, Consult Our Experts

Our experts at Magic Carpet Cleaning are always there to hear your carpet-related queries. So if you have any questions or doubts about cleaning your wool carpet, call us at 020 8930 2650 for free advice and consultation.