What’s the difference between Doctor Rug and a professional carpet cleaner?

October 30, 2013

It’s very easy to distinguish between a carpet cleaning machine such as Doctor Rug and a professional carpet cleaner.

When you try out a machine at home, you will see that it is unable to wipe out the complete dust and dirt from the carpets. It only removes the outer dust whereas the inner dirt remains same as before.

While in case of a professional hired for the cleaning process, you will able to test out that the carpets which are looking shabby before cleaning process are now have turned into a newly fresh one.

This impression is sufficient to conclude that doing the cleaning through machines is not a proper way to clean the carpets rather one should hire a professional cleaner that can do the same with much proficiency.

Which service to use: do-it-yourself Doctor Rug or hire a Magic carpet cleaning technician?

Now, you must have been thinking that in this world of competition, how to choose the best service? That too is not so difficult.

You must choose that company who provides you a variety of services within minimum time period and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Also, you must see the professional background of the company which shows their work performance with various clients.

This entire search will give you an option to choose the best. To make it short, you can approach our carpet cleaning service providing company that acknowledges its work performance by doing the work not mere by words.

Why choose Magic?

Our company, Magic Carpet Cleaning, gives its valuable customers a large variety of options to choose the best for their need. We know your time is important.

That is why we offer such solutions that are effective and time saving also. Our company is a traditional service provider who specializes in Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services.

To be the one, we have done the investment in best training, equipments and products. We believe in providing our customers the best possible service for their carpets.

Our highly proficient and trained cleaners works seven days a week to provide you hard core services for your full satisfaction.

Our cleaners use earth friendly products that are certified and already proved to be healthy and safe for the environment.

They work devotedly to impart the several benefits of carpet cleaning to their customers. Use of biodegradable products lessens the amount of allergens in your home.

Our guarantees to you

At our cleaning service firm, you will get cross check charts facility in which we take your feedback and strictly adhere to all your queries, grievances and suggestions and act accordingly and paced up to ensure better quality service.

We are professionally trained technicians who strive to provide high quality carpet cleaning services with the best optimum use of fine equipments and recyclable products. We strictly follow that no chemicals or scum should be left after the cleaning process.

We guarantee you that our process will be safe for your family, pets and environment.

Along with the best known techniques and methods, we also keep a close eye on the competitors and new developing technologies, which in turn helps to serve our customers with better solutions.