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We know the importance of having value for money without compromising standard, and that’s why we run different offers every month. At Magic Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee to match any written quotation from a local, certified carpet cleaning company.
carpet cleaning prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

The prices Magic charges for cleaning your carpets. These are an indication of how much we regularly charge.
upholstery cleaning prices
Remember: we always give free, no obligation quotes over the phone or by e-mail.

Where/What we will clean for youAcceptable sizesRegular priceNow reduced to 50% OFF
Single Bedroom7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)£40.00£20.00
Double Bedroom10 ft X 8 ft (max. area)£50.00£25.00
Living / Dining / Lounge12 ft X 10 ft (max. area)£70.00£35.00
Through Lounge16 ft X 12 ft (max. area)£90.00£45.00
Stepsper step£3.50£1.75
Landing / Hallway--£20.00£10.00
Rug (small)4 ft X 6 ft (max. area)£40.00£20.00
Rug (large)6 ft X 8 ft (max. area)£70.00£35.00
upholstery cleaning prices

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

These are the prices we charge to clean any upholstery items you may require. The service is available in any area of Greater London. Remember: You can get a free, no obligation, customised quote from us anytime.

The upholstery item we will cleanAcceptable sizesRegular priceNow reduced to 50% OFF
Dining Chair--£13.00£6.50
Two Seated Sofa--£70.00£35.00
Three Seated Sofa--£80.00£40.00
Short Pair of Curtains--£60.00£30.00
Full Length Pair of Curtains--£80.00£40.00
Single Mattress--£35.00£17.50
Double Mattress--£45.00£22.50
magic package deals

Package Deals

We always run package deals that may include, for example: cleaning several upholstery items at your property, along with removing stains and cleaning the carpets, as well. So for an indication of some of our deals, please have a look at the table below. Remember, the service is available in all the areas of London and you will get a free, no obligation, custom quote when you contact us directly by phone or by e-mail.

What this deal coversAcceptable sizesRegular priceNow reduced to 50% OFF
Studio Flat--£100.00£50.00
One Bedroom Flat--£140.00£70.00
Two Bedroom Flat--£160.00£80.00
Three Bedroom Flat--£190.00£85.00
One Bedroom House--£190.00£95.00
Two Bedroom House--£220.00£110.00
Three Bedroom House--£240.00£120.00
Four Bedroom House--£250-280.00£125-140.00

end of tenancy cleaning prices

End of Tenancy / Seasonal Deals

In addition to the special package deals, Magic also runs end of tenancy and seasonal deals. These include special offers such as autumn carpet cleaning, or winter upholstery cleaning and others alike. For a more accurate, no obligation, customised quote, please call us directly or send us an e-mail. Thank you.

This deal coversAcceptable sizesRegular priceNow reduced to 50% OFF
Studio Flat--£150.00£75.00
One Bedroom Flat--£200.00£100.00
Two Bedroom Flat--£250.00£125.00
Three Bedroom Flat--£250.00£125.00
One Bedroom House--£240.00£120.00
Two Bedroom House--£280.00£140.00
Three Bedroom House--£300.00£150.00
Four / Five Bedroom House--£350.00£175.00

More about Magic Carpet Cleaning’s prices

Note: Our prices may vary depending on room sizes and are shown as the guide prices for steam cleaning only. Additional charges may be added for upper floor flats without a lift. Please ask for prices for our unique Gold Service. Minimum call-out charge of £45.