Occasions in Life When Your Clean Carpet Poses Risks

November 7, 2012

A sparkling clean carpet is one of the more enticing properties which a new home possesses. It can really have that “wow” factor which makes moving home feel like a fresh start and that much more worth it.

However, through general wear and tear, the clean carpet can illustrate the lifetime lived in a house, especially for a family with kids and if not properly looked after, can take away some value. It’s always best to make an effort taking care of something over time rather than pay out a huge lump sum to repair it if this can be avoided.

So for those who have recently moved into a new home (and especially if you’re a young couple looking to raise a family), make a note of the following frequent and occasional events which can wreak havoc on the carpet in your new home:

A New Baby

A joyous occasion of course, but a new child can mean sacrificing appearance in both clothes through throw-up, and carpets from little accidents. A new baby won’t grasp the consequences yet of letting something spill or how one substance affects another. They may simply wish to experiment with their crayons.

Keeping an eye on them all the time can be impossible, but it only takes a few moments for them to get up to mischief without any attention on them.

Teenager’s Parties

Leaving your teenage child alone at home is a ritual of initiation into puberty for both parent and child. As many times as you say not to throw a party, you can’t always account for what they’ll get up to when unsupervised.

Having a friend or two over can be mayhem alone without supervision, but if even more people follow them, things can really get out of hand. There have been many occasions publicised in the media where teen parties have resulted in a huge amount of damage.

Teenagers with alcohol are never a good mix either, and will likely lead to spilt drinks and vomiting (much like a new baby above).


When we live in one place for an extended period, it’s perfectly normal to re-decorate for a property to feel new again, or just relevant and up-to-date with the times.

Some move into their home in their twenties and won’t leave that home for decades or perhaps never. Paint thins and starts to lose its tone through cigarette smoke or wear over years, so we paint a fresh coat.

It can be easy in these occasions for paint to trickle from clothes and brushes onto carpets or paint cans to spill over. When furniture is moved around, it can be easy to lose bearings and knock something over.

New Pets

Pets are a huge step in commitment to a home, whether between a couple or within a family. It really marks a huge step for everyone involved, but like a new child, animals don’t come potty-trained (at least sometimes anyway).

Similarly, you have to condition them to behave as you wish, which means unfortunate incidents where they run in with wet, muddy paws, or choose to do their business where they shouldn’t.

Eating on the Floor

When enjoying a takeaway or something a bit less formal, we may choose to eat on the floor or around a lower table.

Popular offenders include cheese or toppings which drip off pizza, or rice that goes awry when pouring from a container or dish. Try to sit on a throw or rug where you plan to eat.


It’s not just the teens who can party. Even a quiet evening with guests can lead to spills through a bit too much wine being consumed or too many people occupying one space and nudging each other.

You also have to keep in mind that while you’re used to navigating your home and judging where table and counter edges are, your guests might not. Keep baking soda and napkins at hand.


Trying to keep the effects of winter outside and where they belong can be bothersome. Kids and pets who rush into the house to get warm can bring muddy prints with them too.

Make a rule that they can’t go further than the door without shoes being removed, and encourage this with a tidy shoe-rack.