It is our goal to make sure that we serve our customers the best way we can, and that we can completely fulfill our satisfaction guarantee every day. Choosing local carpet cleaners from the N post code areas to work for us means less travel expenses and a shorter time to get to your property. To get the help from our dedicated carpet cleaners simply call 0208 861 0979 or fill the form below to schedule a service. If you are looking for a fast and efficient cleaning agency for your home, office or shop in North London, call Magic Carpet Cleaning. We provide the highest quality cleaning services for carpets, mats, rugs, various types of flooring, windows, upholstery cleaning; stain removal; commercial cleaning, etc. Our job meets the highest expectations of our customers in North London.

In other words, it is much easier now for you to book us as a local North London carpet cleaner and it will cost you less. And it can all be done today, simply call us on 0208 861 0979.

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    all North London boroughs are covered

    North London carpet cleaning.

    We provide North London carpet cleaning to all the boroughs and areas whose post code starts with N (such as: NE, NW):

    We also cover all the surrounding North London areas. With well over seven years of experience in carpet cleaning in North London, and with fully trained and fully qualified staff, the quality of our services — as you can see for yourself — is second to none.

    Our Cleaning methods

    North London Steam Carpet Cleaning

    Extraction with hot water, removes soil from rugs faster and better than any other methods. Steam carpet cleaning requires a technique in which the carpet detergent is injected under high temperature and immediately sucks it. Stains and dirt magically disappear without a trace! Thanks to the use of hot water, all the microbes in the tissue are destroyed. This ensures the end of allergies caused by dirt.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

    Tired to work, surrounded by dust? How can you become energetic and effective again? Dry Cleaning Carpet is primarily used for cleansing large commercial projects – office buildings, hotels, banks and large administrative offices. This approach does not require drying time. Your customers and visitors will be able to walk safely on the textile floor immediately after cleansing.

    Professional Stain Removal Services

    We understand that the spots at home are unhygienic and unsightly for each household. Furthermore, a carpet with stains looks old and neglected, its value decreases, but your desperation increases. Magic Carpet Cleaning removes blemishes from your carpets, rugs and upholstery items. We deal with stains in your office. Our expert cleaners undergo specialised training once every three months. No matter whether contaminated fabrics are made from natural or synthetic fabric, wool, cotton, bamboo, coir, hemp, jute, sisal, nylon or polyester.

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    Then you will find thoroughly cleaned rooms which will be so much better to live and work in! Your only task is to contact us on 0208 861 0979 and we will help you get rid of stains, dust and pollutants! Call to our cleaning experts Now and get a free quote on 0208 861 0979! Make an appointment with cleanliness for healthy home and office space!

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    Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with the result, we will re-clean within 24 hours, so call our advisers on 020 8930 2650 to book early and get a further discount! Alternatively, you can reach us via our contact form.

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