A look at different types of stains we remove

January 24, 2017

As a truly professional spot cleaning service provider, we deal with a whole range of stains day in and day out. Most of these are the one you would find in a typical household, such as:

    • tea and coffee stains – these are the same type in nature, as they are caffeine-based,
    • red wine – we are incredibly good at removing these types of stains as each technician works on an average of 5-6 red wine stains per week,
    • pet urine – these are a bit more difficult to be removed because the yellow discolouration part of the stain is usually permanent, and view that urine is acidic, it will chemically burn the fabric it is on, the longer it stays there.
    • water damage stains – the typical case includes working on stains made by radiator, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator water stains, and we’re very good at having them removed.

As always, the most difficult task for us is to work on a stain which has been worked on before either by our client or by another carpet cleaning company.

If the client has worked on the stains by using a home remedy solution, or something they purchased from the shop, it is increasingly difficult for us — or for anyone else, for that matter — to have the stains completely removed. This is largely due to the stain being rubbed on instead of blotted. In turn, rubbing a stain will push it deeper into the underlay of the carpet or into the fabric of the upholstery item.

In all cases, the common advice we give to our customers is that if they have a stain on their items, they should not treat it with anything, and that they should call us directly for advice and impeccable spot cleaning results.

It saves them time and money, as well as the item which the stain was on.