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Our London upholstery cleaning services explained

We have bespoke London upholstery cleaning services you won’t find anywhere else. Read below for more details:

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What is upholstery cleaning?

We provide upholstery cleaning services in LondonUpholstery cleaning is the process used to remove all stains and marks from various items in your household. Done properly, as we do in London, upholstery cleaning can increase both the look and the lifetime of your household items.

Upholstery cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with heavy soiled fabrics or with stains that have been on the fabric for a considerate amount of time. In other words, the older the stains, the more difficult it is to remove them.

Additionally, upholstery cleaning is a time-consuming task and it is strictly depending on the type of fabric to be cleaned, the severity of the stains and the chemical composition of the stains.

Removing stains from your upholstery is also quite challenging and — if done correctly, as we do — can bring in great results and a fresh-looking fabric that lasts longer.

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Our unique upholstery cleaning method

We pride ourselves in providing unmatched upholstery cleaning services in London. And naturally, our pride is based on our unique method used to clean upholstery items.

To clean upholstery, we use hot water extraction — also known as steam cleaning. Using this method, we are able to inject environment-safe cleaning solutions into the upholstery item, at high pressure and then to instantly have them extracted back into our equipment, from the fabric.

We use this method with fantastic results, as recommended by leading upholstery manufacturers and cleaning experts worldwide.

The three steps of our upholstery cleaning method

Our upholstery cleaning method has three steps, as detailed below:

  • Step one: We remove all the unnecessary items — such as lints and the cushions, too — and then we vacuum the upholstery item1.
  • Step two: We then spray your upholstery item in order to dissolve stains and to loosen any bits of ground that may be on it into dirt. This step is highly important because it clears away all the bits of soil and dust that might rub back otherwise into your upholstery.
  • Step three: We deep steam the upholstery until the water that gets back into our equipment is crystal clean.

The advantage of our cleaning method is that it removes both the stains as well as the grit at the root of the upholstery item that causes items to wear out.

We’ve been cleaning upholstery items in London for the past seven years and this is the only method so far that cleans properly and doubles the life of upholstery items.

The equipment we use to clean upholstery

In London, all of our teams use professional equipment to clean upholstery items. We’ve been doing it for the past seven years now and we know how to deliver great services and great results.

From our experience, we can tell that the steam cleaning method described above is the best one yet.

And, as such, we’re only using the best power steaming equipment available on the market today. These are industrial-strength tools that are much more powerful than those sold to domestic users and they can also cover a lot more fabric surface.

Our professional equipment for upholstery cleaning services leaves behind a clean & dry fabric, as most of the water is extracted back into the machines, at high pressure.

Simply put, you get clean & dry upholstery items after we have done our job.

technician cleaning a blue fabric armchair

Please avoid these upholstery related issues

There are plenty of providers of upholstery cleaning services in London. You need to make sure you’ve picked the right one. Here are some tips we can provide, based on our own 10 years long experience:

  • If there is a stain or dirt mark on your household upholstery, do not try to remove it unless you really know how to do it. Most of the times we have to deal with stains that have been made worse by home users — as well as unqualified services providers — who tried to wrongfully remove the stains.
  • Read the label on the fabric: There are a lot of unprofessional cleaners in London and the most common mistake they make is to wet clean a fabric which is only supposed to be dry cleaned. So be aware.
  • Use an experienced, fully trained upholstery cleaning provider: All of our cleaning services teams in London are fully trained to the standards of our industry.

Upholstery cleaning services for commercial and residential London

Most of our customers are returning clients and some of our new customers have come to us based on the feedback they’ve heard about Magic Carpet Cleaning in London.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our upholstery cleaning services satisfy all of our Londoner clients, as we do a great job and we have fully qualified staff.

Our London based staff has been fully trained and it is highly experienced in providing the best upholstery cleaning services.

We provide these services to both commercial and residential Londoners, and we’ve divided our upholstery cleaning range into:

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Commercial London upholstery cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning services are available to all London commercial entities.

We can tackle any project of any size, even on short notice.

We constantly train our staff and we only employ experienced personnel.

We are fully trained to the standards of our industry, therefore your upholstery cleaning requirements will be fully matched by our London based teams.

Upholstery cleaning services for residential Londoners

We have qualified staff, ready to provide upholstery cleaning services to any residential London home.

We only employ the best steam cleaning equipment and we solely use top-of-the-line cleaning materials.

Our cleaning materials are safe for children and pets, so that’s another load off your mind.

We’re fully trained to the standards of our industry and we’re highly experienced in rug cleaning.

You can book along with your furniture technicians our professional carpet cleaning services as well .

Don’t miss out on our services!

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