Keep Your Oriental Rug Out of the Living Area

March 5, 2015

We adore oriental carpets for their vivid colours and patterns and warm hand­-woven beautiful appearance. Many people lay these rugs in their living-room area or hallway. But this interior concept is used so often that it literally kills oriental carpet’s magnificent look. Instead of using your beautiful carpet in living room try something different. Rescue your home from overused interior decisions and find new area for your Turkish “kilim” or Oriental rug.

Spice Up Your Bathroom With A Turkish Rug

Rug cleaning is not an easy task for any professional cleaner.If your bathroom is roomy enough and allows it (this can’t work well with small one ­man box like wash rooms) moving your Turkish kilim there is a quite bold, yet interesting design decision. If you have spacious, large bathroom placing Turkish rug there will definitely bring the exotic feeling of the East. You can enhance this look, by adding candles, soap dish and other appropriate accessories, or even an aromatherapy set. After this change your bathroom experience won’t ever be the same. Just don’t forget to put a pad underneath the rug, to avoid mould growth – probably the worst thing of having original oriental rug is that its fibres are really sensitive to water and can be easily irreparably deteriorated by the moist. Cleaning a rug afterwards would be a nightmare for any professional rug cleaning company.

Bedroom is the Perfect Place for a Beautiful Persian

Master bedroom is the ideal place to lay any oriental carpet. Usually most people decorate their bedrooms in light and soft colours. Laying a Persian, Turkish, Indian or any other variety of the large group called “oriental rugs” will surely have unexpected yet beneficial setting. The bright colours and specific patterns will do a total makeover of your sleeping area. Moreover, the bedroom can actually be considered as a better area for these kinds of valuable carpets. That’s simply because the traffic in this room is lower than the rest of the house and your oriental rug will need less cleaning and maintenance than if you lay it in any other place in your home.

Oriental Carpet in Your Kitchen? Why Not!

Placing Persian or Indian rug where you cook and dine is a brave interior decision that will totally alternate kitchen area’s look. A kitchen always benefits from warm colours. To get the best of this concept you will probably need to add suitable accessories too. Similar patterns on your kitchen towels, nice porcelain oil and vinegar set with geometric flower pattern print… Sometimes details are what makes any concept complete!

As you can see there are plenty new ways to display a beautiful oriental rug, so you don’t need to stick to the living room. If you are about to make a home make over, or you just want to change the interior you can use some of the ideas above. Of course, before taking such eccentric and bold step, you have to think well on how are you going to maintain and clean your carpet.

In general, if you have small children, laying any kind or textile flooring in the kitchen cannot be considered a good decision. As cute as they are, babies always tend to make huge mess around, so may be you’ll need to wait for a few years to avoid food and beverage spills on you rug.