How we restore and clean carpets after water damage?

October 12, 2012

Hello, everyone. We just wanted to share a case study with you about restoring and cleaning carpets after water damage.

We’ve done this type of work for a carpet cleaning customer in Richmond upon Thames, London and the results were outstanding.

Surely, we’ve used professional carpet cleaning and water damage control equipment; however, you can do part of it yourself, meaning that you’ll pay less for having the rest of the work done by our carpet cleaners.

Here’s how we did it, in simple steps:

Identify the water damage source, fix it and remove all furniture

The first step in cleaning carpets after water damage is one which you, too, can take: simply identify the source of the leaking, stop it — you might need a plumber to do that — and then remove all the furniture in the room.

Identifying the source of the water damage is an important step because it helps you decide whether the carpets are worth saving or not.

For example, carpets may be worth salvaging only if the source of the water damage comes from rain water or pipes in your house, as that is not contaminated water.

On the other hand, if the water damage has been caused by a overflowed toilets or groundwater, you should seriously consider getting rid of the carpet altogether.

In our situation, the water damage had been caused by a leaking pipe so the owner decided to have the carpet restored and recleaned professionally by our technicians.

After you’ve identified the source of the water damage, fix it — or have it fixed by a plumber — and remove all the furniture in the room.

Have the carpet dried professionally by us or do it yourself

Removing all the furniture in the room can be a tedious task but it can save you money as our carpet cleaners won’t have to do it themselves. They will, on the other hand, have the carpet dried professionally, in less than two hours.

A word of advice: Make sure that you stop the cause of the water damage as soon as possible. It takes between two days in warm weather and three days in autumn / winter weather for a wet carpet to start turning to mold.

Once the carpet starting molding, the chances of having it dried, cleaned and — most importantly — kept allergen-free considerably start to drop.

Why is it better to have the water damaged carpet cleaned by us

If your carpet has been damaged by flood or water, you can restore it to its original state yourself.

All you have to do is to make sure that it hasn’t started to mold yet and that you have a dehumidifier to clean the carpet as fast as possible.

Afterwards, all you have to do is clean it using the right carpet cleaning chemicals.

The difference between drying the carpet yourself and having it dried and cleaned by our London technicians lies in the professional equipment we use, the experience we have dealing with this sort of issues and the eco-friendly chemicals we use.

There is a clear difference between our results and the results done with regular equipment — such as dehumidifiers and fans — and with regular carpet cleaning chemicals.

Our London carpet cleaning teams can ensure an quick drying time of your carpets — that’s in less than two hours — and our chemicals extract all the dirt and mold (if any) from the carpet.

They leave the carpet properly cleaned and allergen-free, without any trace that it has, at some point, been subject to water damage.

So if you have a valuable carpet that’s been recently damaged by water, give us a call on 020 8930 2650 and our professional London carpet cleaners will sort out the problem for you before it’s too late.