How to take care of your carpets?

November 1, 2012

Carpets are all time favourite when it comes to beatifying an area. Day in and day out, carpets are laid on the floor as if it has surrendered itself to absorb all the dirt and debris.

Without proper care, your carpets might lose its elegance and fullness.

Here are some ways on how to take care of your carpet so it will be at its best for a longer time:

Clean your carpets regularly

You can never go wrong with cleaning. Day in and day out, your carpet is exposed to dirt and particles. Even if nobody steps on it, dust particles seem to be attracted to settle at carpet fibres.

Dust particles attract germs and bacteria to breed on dirty areas. Hoovering helps remove gritty dirt that can damage the carpet’s material.

There are carpets which has fringes or tassels on the sides. Avoid hoovering in these areas as fringes are less durable compared to the body of the carpet.

If stubborn dirt remains, use damp cloth dipped on a water-laundry soap solution to get rid of it. Smaller carpets should be dry cleaned.

On the spot carpet cleaning

Whenever chocolate or wine or fruit juice is spilled on your carpet, do not wait until the liquid completely penetrates on the material. The soonest possible time you can treat the spillage, the greater chance of it not leaving a stain on your carpet.

Whenever spills occur, your immediate reaction should be to get a tissue or paper towel and let it absorb the spill.

Let it out to dry every once in a while. Over time moisture is locked inside your carpet’s material.

This makes the carpet fibre look dull and lifeless. It won’t hurt to let your carpet dry outside at least once a year.

Lay it upside down to prevent your carpet’s colour from fading and make the material brittle.

Store your carpet properly

Clean your carpet before you store it. Mould and mildew will grow when it is not properly cleaned.

Do not fold your carpet as if it is a thick blanket or comforter as this might create a crease mark and affect the design of the carpet once you use it again.

Seek the carpet cleaning professionals

If your home is fully carpeted, it is not advisable that you do the heavy lifting in taking care of your carpeting.

You may want to consider using the services of a professional carpet cleaning company such as ours.

We are abreast with the latest technology in carpet cleaning, we cover all London areas and we always give you the best solution to your carpeting problems.