How to Spruce Up Your Living Room

November 12, 2012

The living room is often the most used and abused room within a household.

It’s the place you chill out in, nap in, watch TV in and sometimes even eat in. It is the social room of a household. The room where one may hang out and spend good quality time with family, friends and visitors.

As a room that may have many people running in and out of it all day long it can start to get a bit warn out in places. If you have pets no doubt your cat has scratched up the sides of the sofa and pulled up the carpet. Your dog may have even trod muddy footprints through the room and moulted on the sofa.

Fact is unless you are an extremely clean and tidy house hold or you never use the lounge your living room will start to look tired and well loved.

If you are wishing to spruce up the most loved room within your home, whether for reasons such as you wish to sell your property, if the ever so critical in-laws are due next week or if you are just sick and tired with the look of your room here are some hand tips on how to give it an injection of sophistication and beauty.

Hang up Mirrors

Not only will they cover up your children’s unappreciated felt tip scribbling’s on your much loved wallpaper but it will also open up the room and add light to it.

If you don’t have a big mirror you could add a clutter of smaller mirrors to a wall to create a mosaic effect. Make sure you don’t put them in reach of little hands though as smudged finger marks on a mirror is not a pretty sight.

Change the curtains

Curtains can make a huge difference to a room. As they are the first thing the light hits in your living room they will fade over time.

Throw in an enthusiastic curtain climbing kitten or kids who like to think they make great hiding places and they may start to look a little worn over time.

If you can’t afford to buy new curtains try washing them. They might just be a bit dusty and a bit of a wash may bring out the quality of their colours again.

Clean the carpet

Carpet cleaning will make a huge difference. So much dirt, dust, and debris accumulate in your carpet fibres, making your flooring look drab, and affecting the overall look of your living space.

Hovering can only do so much and every now and again, your carpet will need a good thorough cleaning, especially if you have pets such as cats or dogs as fleas can live in the carpet for days at a time. By hiring our local cleaning services in London, you can revitalise your carpets and spruce up your living room.

Add a room fragrance

Plug in air fresheners can give a room a lot of atmosphere from just a hint of a scent.

Mulled wine, spiced apple or cranberry scented plug ins all give a lovely wintry, Christmas-like fragrance to your living room and will greatly prove it.

Other scents like lavender, linen and rose have a more relaxing, chilled out atmosphere where as outdoor scents like ever green forests and meadow fragrances make you feel like you’re out in the country side.

If you don’t fancy forking out for an air freshener you could always get scented candles to light at night, they offer a much more relaxed, soothing light compared to lamps. You could also look into lighting incense.

It doesn’t take much to transform your living room into something you may see in the pages of an apartment interior design magazine. It just takes a bit of initiative to create an atmosphere both you and your visitors can appreciate. If however your furniture is the worse for wear that a quick fix wouldn’t be able to rescue then you might want to consider buy to let furniture to furnish your rooms with modern, beautiful furnishings temporarily.