How to remove red wine stains from upholstery, carpet or rug?

November 5, 2021

It isn’t a myth that red wine stains are hard to tackle once they soak up into your soft carpets, rugs or sofas. Nevertheless at Magic Carpet cleaning we know no other company can help extract and remove your stain if we can’t. Our solutions, which we use are designed to work with stains and the carpet, and are far more powerful than the chemicals available on the market. We extract it immediately after application and remove the stain without harming the carpet’s texture or colour. Only a few carpet cleaning websites can expertly advise you and help remove your stain for good.

Before we begin, some gentle reminders:

No two rugs are same, and synthetic carpets are treated differently than natural fibres like wool and cotton. At the same time, no two wine stains are same. Despite the fact that we rely on the internet for the majority of our questions, at Magic Carpet Cleaning we advise against following Internet recommendations that include the use of chemicals and stain removers. Chemicals that are compatible with all wine stains are hard to come by since each wine has its own unique characteristics and responds differently.

We’ve all struggled to get red wine out of our rugs, but over-the-counter solutions can harm the fibres in your rug and permanently stain it, altering the colour and texture of your once-perfect rug. According to our professionals at Magic Carpet Cleaning qualified cleaners are required for materials like Silk and Jude. Any liquid interaction with silk will leave a residue. Any liquid contact with Jude may cause him to shrink. Only expert action should be done on these sorts of rugs, according to us.

How do you remove a red wine stain from your carpet or rug?

1. Blot the stain with a white towel as quickly as possible to prevent any other colour from transferring to the carpet or the stain from the towel.
2. Apply cold water or club soda to the stain and continue blotting to eliminate any surplus liquid. It’s crucial not to rub, since this might cause your carpet’s fibres to break down and be damaged.
3. Continue blotting until the stain is completely absorbed by the cloth. If too much has been absorbed, switch to another.

Useful Tips:

  • If you really have an emergency need for treatment and want to utilise store-bought chemicals, spot test them on an unseen or tiny hidden portion of your upholstery item to determine if they impact the colour/texture. We will be delighted to walk you through how to use a stain remover efficiently over the phone, even though we do not encourage utilising chemicals.
  • You may have heard on the internet that sprinkling salt over recently split wine would help lift the stain—DO NOT DO THIS! As previously stated, red wine contains tannins, which when combined with salt can result in a lasting stain. It’s far easier to remove a stain from your sofa than it is to replace it!

How can you get a red wine stain out of a sofa?

As quickly as possible, blot the stain. Use a white towel to prevent the dyes from the towels from transferring to the couch.
2. Apply cold water or club soda to the stain and continue blotting to eliminate any surplus liquid. RECOMMENDATION: (use warm water if the stain is older)
3. Instead of rubbing, dab the wine to prevent it from sinking deeper into the sofa. Useful tip: To assist the wine rise out, use moderate pressure and brief dabs.
4. Continue dabbing until the stain is completely absorbed by the cloth. Do not use the same towel for an extended period of time to avoid the saturated towel staining the carpeting. If you have too much, switch to another.

Can’t seem to get it out?

It’s fine if you can’t get it out! This just means that one of our skilled professionals at Magic Carpet Cleaning may need to refresh your carpet. We extract it as soon as possible after application and remove the stain without damaging the carpet’s texture or colour. For further information, please contact us at 020 8930 2650. After our team of experienced carpet cleaners and technicians is done with your stain, the upholstery will be fresh and immaculate. We provide more than simply physical help and services; we are happy to provide any free advice or recommendations.