How to remove gum from your carpets, sofas and rugs?

November 5, 2021

Many individuals, especially children, like chewing gum. Your carpets, on the other hand, will not welcome residues of fresh or dried gum. If you accidentally dropped gum on your carpet, don’t panic; there are several ways to remove the stain. Everyone who needs to get rid of chewing gum will find the following instructions useful. Only a small number out of the thousands of professional carpet cleaners, like Magic Carpet Cleaning UK, can remove chewing gum traces and dried stains from carpets. After inspecting the carpet’s thickness and fibres, they utilise specialised equipment and chemical-based solutions. Nevertheless it is still possible to clean the carpet on your own.

Using stain removers

Despite the fact that we rely on the internet for the majority of our questions, Magic Carpet Cleaning UK advises against following Internet recommendations that include the use of chemicals and stain removers. Every rug is unique, and synthetic carpets are treated differently than natural fibres like wool and cotton. Simultaneously, no two gum stains are same. Check the effect of any cleaning technique and different products on a tiny area of the carpet before applying them to ensure that the chosen cleaning option matches the carpet and won’t harm it.

Both methods we have put together will work on your rugs, sofas and carpets however professional dry cleaning is required for materials like Silk and Jude. Silk is extremely fragile, and any contact with moisture will leave a residue. Any unwanted contact such as liquid or heat may cause Jude to shrink. On certain sorts of rugs, we strongly urge that only expert intervention be done. Furthermore we also apply the same principle to delicate materials such as swede or velvet.

The Ice Method:

What you will need:

  • Ice cubes
  • Place bag (zip lock bag)
  • A butter knife or spoon

1: FREEZE THE GUM: Place the ice cubes into the zip lock bag. TIP: Make sure the zip lock bag is dry as your method will be affected if there is any moisture. Apply the bag to the chewing gum (with moderate pressure) to solidify it; depending on the temperature of the room, you may need to keep the bag on top of the gum for a bit to obtain the best outcomes.
2. REMOVE THE GUM: Remove the ice pack and gently scrape the gum from the carpet fibres with the spoon or a blunt knife. Now that the gum is hardened, this should be a lot easier. Remove any bits of gum from the area as soon as possible, before they soften and become adhesive again.
3. REPEAT: Re-freeze and continue the process as needed until the gum is removed from the carpet. After you’ve removed as much gum from the carpet as possible, you may still need to remove gum residue. Scroll down to our simple method in removing chewing gum residue.

The Heat Method:

What you will need:

  • A hairdryer
  • Rubber gloves (protection)
  1. HEAT THE GUM: To soften the gum, aim your hair dryer at it and heat it for a few seconds at a time (using a medium heat setting). Don’t keep the heat on for too long or overheat the area, since this might cause your carpet fibres to burn.
  2. REMOVE THE GUM: Begin removing the gum from the fibres by carefully pulling it out. Wear a pair of rubber gloves or some form of protection to assist you remove the gum with your fingers without getting sticky.
  3. REPEAT: Re-heat and continue the method until you can remove as much of the chewing gum from the carpet as possible. Move on to our quick and simple method to remove any residue once you’ve removed as much gum as possible from the carpet.

How to remove chewing gum residue from your upholstery?

To remove any unwanted residue after having removed as much as the chewing gum as possible, using a damp sponge or a white paper towel, apply half a teaspoon of dishwashing soap, apply more if the residue is larger, onto the carpet and using the dabbing method remove any residue leftover by the gum. Try not to rub as this could cause damage to the fibres of your textiles and may potentially penetrate the residue deeper, making it harder to remove yourself.

Can’t get it out?

If none of these options has worked for you , don’t give up and look for new sofas/carpets! Gum stains are sometimes difficult to get rid of. Our skilful and qualified stain removal technicians at Magic Carpet Cleaning UK has you covered. A simple phone call to our team of skilled carpet cleaners and technicians may go a long way! We’ll also gladly offer free advice or walk you through the process of removing your stain over the phone. Just dial our number: 02089302650.