How To Remove Blu Tack From Carpet?

March 15, 2023
Remove Blu Tack From Carpet

Blu Tack, a reusable adhesive, is used on walls to stick art instead of drilling, and if it is accidentally fallen on your carpet, it is hard to remove.

Now, if you want to get rid of this stuck blu tack by yourself, unwilling to hire a professional cleaning service, you should know that it might take a lot of time and effort.

Follow the steps in this blog to get a more transparent idea of how to remove blu tack from the carpet.

Ways on Getting Blu Tack out From Your Carpet

1. Blu Tack

You can use blu tack to remove the blu tack from the carpet. When a specific amount of blu tack is stuck on the carpet, take a small piece of blu tack, hold it with your fingers, and start dabbing on the stuck one. The stuck blu tack will get removed.

2. Parcel Tap

If there are still some blu tack pieces left that are not removed by blu tack, then parcel tape should be used to remove those. Place the tape and start pulling to remove the particles.

3. Comb

If you still see some of the blu tack particles completely embedded and not removed by the blu tack and tape method, use a comb to remove such. Simply move the comb around the surface and the remaining ones will be removed.

4. Heat

Heat the carpet from a certain distance by blowing hot air from the blower or dryer and then allow the blu tack to melt. Remove the melted blu tack from the carpet with the help of plastic. If it remains, then apply a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water on the blu tack. Blot it until it gets thoroughly clean.

5. Vinegar

Warm the vinegar and apply it to the blu tack stain. Keep it as it is for about a few minutes. Once the blu tack becomes soft, scrap it off using a knife or a tool. Wipe the place by using a clean cloth and with dishwashing and warm water solution. Rinse and dry the carpet.

6. Vegetable oil

Take a cotton bud and dump it into the vegetable oil. Put the cotton on the blu tack to remove it. There are a few chances that you might leave some oil residues on the carpet. So, clean it by using a solution of washing liquid and warm water. Let the carpet rinse and dry.


You might now have a precise learning of how to remove blu tack from carpet. It seems easy to clean out the blu tack from your carpet, but it might put you into trouble. A wrong effect of your DIY methods might cause damage to your carpet.

Your carpet might get discoloured or affect the fabrics. Therefore it is mostly advised to hire a professional cleaning service because it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. As they have trained professionals, there is no fear of damage to the carpet or your property.