How does our booking system work?

October 31, 2015

In such a busy, and complex city as London, booking a service from our good carpet cleaning company can be a time-consuming task, so we’ve simplified the way we book our customers, to save you time.

This article will show you how our booking system works, and how it can be of benefit to you.

A. For domestic customers

a London property

For domestic customers, and estate agents, we clean carpets in flats, and in houses. (image source)

Domestic customers who have already used our services are well aware that, beside the 10% further discount they now enjoy, they can book by calling us directly, or by filling in our online booking form.

Calling us directly is the preferred method because we get the chance to speak with you, to assess the amount of work required, and to give you an accurate, no obligation quote over the phone.

There is no project too small or too large for our teams, and you will always get good value for your money when using our services because we always do the best possible.

What we need to know from our domestic customers are the following simple things:

A.1. The type of property you would like us to clean: it can either be a flat or a house.

If it is a house, we will give you a package deal because it is a small-to-medium property which needs carpet cleaning, so we will clean as many items as possible for you whilst we’re there.

If it is a flat, we need to know if it is at the basement, ground, first or second floor — and if there is a lift/elevator in the building. We ask this because the machines we use are industrial strength, else the quality of our work would be affected.

So we use the best machines available on the market to do a thorough job, and that comes with a price: the are heavy pieces of equipment, and carrying them up and down on a staircase requires a greater physical effort from our technicians.

So if the flat is at the basement, ground or first floor flat, we will not charge an extra amount; however, if the flat is at the second or upper floors, we charge an extra £5 per flight of stairs.

A.2. The items you would like us to clean: make a list, and get a bundle deal.

upholstery items, and carpets

For second or upper floor flats, we need access to a lift or we may charge a fee per each fligt of stairs. (image source)

We clean rugs (these are items which do not cover the entire area of the room it is in), carpets (they cover the whole room from wall-to-wall), sofas, chairs/armchair, cushions, headboard, curtains, mattresses, and all other upholstery items you may require.

The more items we clean, the more money you save because the most expensive part of our jobs, in terms of time and money, is to travel from one job to another.

So when we are at your property, we’ll clean all the items which you have booked us for.

A.3. The stains on the fabrics, if any.

stains of different types

No professional company will ever guarantee to fully remove all types of stains (image source)

The first, most important thing to remember, when dealing with stains, is that there are no guarantees that anyone will remove all of them. If someone says otherwise, they will be misleading you.

The chemical producers themselves cannot gurantee that their products will remove all stains, and that some stains are permanent.

So if you have a stain on a piece of fabric, it’s best to call us, and we will give you free, no obligation advice on how to deal with the stain.

A.4. The parking fees, and the Congestion Charge fee

A Congestion Charge Zone traffic sign

No professional company will ever guarantee to fully remove all types of stains (image source)

All our technicians carry the carpet cleaning machines, and chemicals in their vans, therefore we need a parking space at your property.

If you have a visitors/residents parking permit, or a free parking space, we will really appreciate it; if you do not, we will invoice the cost of the parking to you as it goes to the local Councils of the London boroughs.

As for the Congestion Charge, currently set at £15.00 by TfL (Transport for London), we will invoice it as well, unless we carry out our work for you during week-ends. To see if your property is in the Congestion Charge zone, please visit the TfL post code checker page.

The three simple steps of our free quote, advice, and booking system

To sum it up, here is what you need to know when you call us for a free quote or for free stain removal advice:

  1. The post code of your property, and its type (flat or house). If it is a flat, please let us know if there is a lift/elevator in the building — if there is not, we charge for second or upper floor flats.
  2. If you live in the Congestion Charge Zone, and/or there is free parking at your property, or if we get a parking permit for our van — we will charge the parking fees, otherwise.
  3. How many items to clean — a list of items will really be helpful, and the rough sizes of the rooms / rugs /sofas / mattresses to clean.