How Carpet Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction is Done

November 6, 2012

Carpet cleaning with hot water extraction is commonly known as steam cleaning. However, this is not entirely correct as this method uses only hot water to clean carpets and it doesn’t use steam.

Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning that sprays hot water onto a carpet surface and lifts with it all soils and impurities.

Its main working component is the hot water and that is what does the hard work of taking the impurities out of the carpet.

The advantages of hot water extraction carpet cleaning

The primary advantage of this method of carpet cleaning is the sole use of hot water whilst cleaning the carpets. Also, it uses a minimum amount of strong detergents and the chemicals.

Due to the minimal usage of detergents, this method of carpet cleaning makes it very advantageous for people who are concerned about breathing in chemical substances.

Hot water extraction is also recommended for people who are concerned about children and pets crawling on the floor and the possible inhalation of these products.

What our carpet cleaners in London use

Our London carpet cleaners have been fully trained to use the latest high tech machines available on the market today.

They comply with the latest regulations and are recommended by major carpet manufacturers worldwide.

We also use hot water extraction cleaning equipment that is a portable unit that plugs into an electrical socket.

The only thing that this type of machine requires, other than access to electricity, is access to a source of water to make sure your carpet gets properly cleaned.

Get your carpets cleaned with the hot water extraction method!

For more details on the hot water extraction equipment we use and what it can do to your carpets in London, give our team a call on 0208 861 0979 for free carpet cleaning advice and a free quote!