Rent A Carpet Cleaning Machine, Do It Yourself Or Get A Professional?

November 7, 2012

So there you have it. Your carpet is dirty and you think it is a straightforward task to complete.

How hard can it be, right?

The simple fact is, the process of cleaning your own carpet to near perfection is not as easy as it looks.

Having to hire a carpet cleaning machine as well as all the chemicals needed may also take a chunk out of your hard earned cash. Not to mention the amount of time it consumes.

Then teaching yourself the methods of cleaning and 5 hours later you still haven’t finished.

On the other hand, a professional carpet cleaner will have all the equipment needed, the skills perfected and the methods of cleaning mastered.

“It will be more expensive hiring a professional” you say?

Ironically it works out cheaper at times. Nowadays hiring out the machine and buying chemicals will be quite expensive. Not to mention the amount of time you will have to set aside for such a task. Having a professional carrying out the task of carpet cleaning means you don’t have to worry about it.

Hot water carpet cleaning extraction

Hot water extraction is one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods used.

It is also sometimes known as “steam cleaning” even though no steam is actually used within the cleaning method.

Hot water extraction gives the deepest cleaning of any other methods used. Not only does it clean the surface but it removes stains and dirt as well as odours.

Compared to other carpet cleaning methods which use a shampoo based substance, hot water extraction hardly leaves a trace of chemicals behind as it is a water based method.

It is also known for its use of non toxic chemicals thus suggesting it is environmentally friendly.

This is great publicity for the method as everyday people are extremely environmentally conscious nowadays, and rightly so.