How To Clean Upholstery – The Professional Way

January 15, 2015

hot-to-clean-upholstered-furniturePeople often doubt that they will get better results when hiring upholstery cleaning specialists than when they try do the cleaning by themselves. Although there certainly are some issues that anyone can manage with on his own I want to bring to your attention some operations cleaning specialists apply, that reveal benefits of getting their professional service.

Hot Water Extraction

In most cases heat is the key to great results in cleaning. Most of upholstery manufacturers and material producers recommend hot water extraction method. Unfortunately, we couldn’t achieve the temperatures that proper implementation of this procedure requires (between 100 and 200 degrees) using our bare hands. This method, called also steam cleaning is the only method, categorized as “deep cleaning”. All other s are classified as “light surface cleaning as they can’t reach the soil and microbes under the fabric.

Heated Cleaning Solution

Cleaners also use a pre-spray – product, which is also heated over 100 degrees – trick, that’s impossible to do without professional equipment. It is widely accepted that overly hot water and solution can cause colour bleeding, shrinkage or other damage to upholstery. This is possible, but professional cleaners follow strict company procedures as pre-testing. What isn’t widely known is that very hot water and solution vacuumed with powerful professional machine dries the fabric quicker and this prevents it from shrinking and colour bleeding and lead to great spotless and disinfected result.

Professional Tools

Of course, everybody has a vacuum cleaner and recently even portable steam cleaners from Wilko, for example. But you can be sure that machines that specialists use are way more powerful and effective and with their help professionals can deal with stains and dirt, that seem impossible to clean. And this isn’t the only advantage of professional equipment – by adjusting the ratio between pressure and temperature it can be set to the exact mode needed for every kind of upholstery, even ones, that are often hard to clean – wool, velvet, suede. When talking about professional tools I don’t mean only the vacuums and truck-mounts. Even the brushes used by upholstery cleaners for so called “agitation” of the pre-spray are designed for best result. The cheapest professional horse hair brush cost from 10£ – price, that none of us usually pays for house holding matter.

Cleaning products and detergents

Professional cleaners work with high profiled cleaning products, which also are very effective but hard to afford, for everyday use like detergents, that can be find in a local supermarket. Many people are concerned that upholstery cleaning specialists often use very aggressive chemicals, but nowadays many cleaning companies redirected to environmentally friendly and allergen free products that are no danger for pets, children or people with asthma and sensitive skin.