Carpet Cleaning: Why DIY Is Not Always The Right Choice

October 4, 2012

Have you ever had to deal with dirty carpets that needed cleaning? Did you clean them yourself or did you get professional help?

Most of the times, we have to deal with really dirty carpets at our property. And, to make it a bit more complicated, sometimes there are lots of stains that just won’t give up and they’ll stay there on your carpet no matter what you try.

We all know how frustrating it is to have a stubborn stain on your carpet willfully declaring itself the new tenant at your property.

And matters don’t seem to get any better, especially now that autumn’s here and coming in and walking all over your carpets with wet shoes will definitely take its toll on your carpets.

Today, we’re going to show you why cleaning carpets by yourself is time and resource consuming, and it might not always be the right, shortest and more convenient choice to clean carpets.

Cleaning the carpets by yourself

Right, so you’ve got this or these carpet(s) that need cleaning — and you’ve decided to do it yourself.

Well, put aside some money for carpet cleaning chemicals. Proper chemicals, not the cheap version, that should set you back a good £15-20 from any decent store or supermarket you have in mind.

Now, put aside some good one or two hours for you to properly clean the carpets. Not just hovering, but also cleaning them with carpet cleaning chemicals.

After toiling for one to two hours (hopefully), all you have to do is relax. But wait: you still need to wait until the carpet is dry.

All together, you invest:

  • money: a good £15-20 for carpet cleaning chemicals, plus a few quids more for cleaning equipment such as: gloves, bucket, brush and so on;
  • time: spend at least one to two hours cleaning the carpets, plus one hour or so until the carpets dry out;
  • effort: you do all the work.

Cleaning the carpets by yourself, with a carpet cleaning hover

Sometimes, cleaning the carpets with a carpet cleaning hover such as Doctor Rug Carpet Machine is another path to follow. That should set you back both £30-50 as well as the time taken to drive and collect, plus drive and return.

Moreover, you still need to wait for the carpets to dry and the result is not the same as that from a professional carpet cleaner.

A carpet cleaning hover such as the Doctor Rug Carpet Machine does not have the industrial strength our London carpet cleaners’ equipment has.

Having the carpets cleaned, professionally

At Magic, you’ll always get a professional London carpet cleaning service and a good quote.

We have industrial strength carpet cleaning machines that return outstanding results and we only use eco-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals. Moreover, we have full carpet cleaning insurance, which means our professionals are trained and skilled to deliver guaranteed satisfaction.

Also, we’ll leave your carpets dry. And, we will re-clean for free, if you’re not happy with the results.

In other words, you’ll save:

  • money: our quotes are so good that it’s cheaper for you to have the carpets cleaned by our London teams rather than do it yourself;
  • time: we’ll clean the carpets while you can do anything you wish with your newly-found spare time;
  • effort: we do all the work.

It works out cheaper for us to clean your carpets rather than to do it yourself. So call us now on 0208 861 0979 and we’ll give you free carpet cleaning advice, a rock-solid quote and a truly professional service!