Basic carpet cleaning tips

October 31, 2012

Carpets are beautiful addition to an interior arrangement. They give life to a boring ensemble but as much as they add beauty and stylish aura to your living room or bedroom, carpet may be difficult to deal with. They are prone to stains and dirt.

A simple drop of wine or oil will alter its overall appearance. But fret not. Here are some tested steps to maintain the elegance of of your carpeting.

So here are some tips about keeping your carpets clean:

Sweeping your carpets

Sweep your carpets with a broom with fine plastic fibres. This will loosen the entangled particles within the fibres of your carpet.

Carpet discolouration may not be caused by spilled food or drinks. More often than not, the discolouration is just caused by particles caused by heavy traffic.

Hoover your carpets

It is a good practice to regularly hoover your carpet before dirt and debris gets the chance to settle. It is much easier to clean if dirt particles are not yet that embedded on you carpet’s fibre.

Try to schedule your hoover session on days when less people thus less traffic is expected at your house like on a Monday or Tuesday depending on your schedule. Divide the carpeted areas into sections focusing on each before proceeding to the next. Go over the area several times to makes sure that you are not leaving behind particles.

Wipe the dirt away from the carpets

There are times when even if you have already hoovered the area for a long time, stubborn dirt such as a smeared chocolate or a hardened mud still remains intact. Mix powdered laundry soap with water and dab a clean cloth on the solution. Use the cloth to swiftly wipe away the stubborn dirt on your carpet.

If the dirt is tough, pre- treat it buy letting it soak on your solution for three to five minutes before you use your damp cloth to wipe away the now less- tough dirt. You might also want to use a specifically designed carpet brush to carefully remove the stain without damaging the carpet fibre.

Work form the inside out. Rinse off the soap following the same process but with plain water this time. Let the damp area dry by hoovering it again.

Iron your carpets

There are cases when wax, oil and fat is dropped or spilled on your carpet. These three are culprits destroying the beauty of your carpet.

To get rid of these unsightly marks, place a paper towel over the stained area and iron on low heat concentrating on the stained areas.

Make sure that the iron is turned on tolerable heat so as not to destroy the carpet fibres. You’ll know you are making progress when the wax, oil and fat will come off and be absorbed by the paper towel.