How to remove candle wax from your upholstery?

We’ve all hosted dinner parties, what better than setting the mood with some candlelight? However If not carefully handled this “mood lighting” with caution, it can drip onto your beautiful textiles! Do not worry, This happens the best of us occasionally. It may seem like the end of the world when you see the vanilla fragranced candle trickling down and [...]

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How to remove gum from your carpets, sofas and rugs?

Many individuals, especially children, like chewing gum. Your carpets, on the other hand, will not welcome residues of fresh or dried gum. If you accidentally dropped gum on your carpet, don't panic; there are several ways to remove the stain. Everyone who needs to get rid of chewing gum will find the following instructions useful. Only a small number out [...]

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How to remove red wine stains from upholstery?

It isn’t a myth that red wine stains are hard to tackle once they soak up into your soft carpets, rugs or sofas. Nevertheless at Magic Carpet cleaning we know no other company can help extract and remove your stain if we can't. Our solutions, which we use are designed to work with stains and the carpet, and are far [...]

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How to remove grease stains from your carpets, rugs and sofas?

We can all agree that grease stains are a delicate and unpleasant subject at Magic Carpet Cleaning Especially if you have children or clumsy partners. They wreak havoc on your clothing, car seats, drapes, and, most significantly, your carpets, rugs, and couches. Grease stains are extremely tenacious and are renowned for seeping deep into your furniture. They provide an excellent [...]

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How to remove vomit from your carpets, rugs and sofas?

Vomit stains are one of the most difficult stains to remove from your carpet. Along with the obnoxious stain, there's a foul odour that pervades the room. If at all feasible, wipe up vomit as soon as possible, before the stench settles in and becomes more difficult to remove. Most individuals will have to deal with cleaning vomit from their [...]

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How to remove blood from rugs, carpets and sofas?

Accidents are notorious when having a family, especially with children present! Whether it is a bloody nose or a nasty cut somehow your sofas, rugs and carpets are the real victims! There are several misconceptions about how to remove blood stains on the internet; nevertheless, if expert assistance is not sought, the stain may set in and become permanent. As [...]

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How to remove pet urine stains from carpets and sofas?

We all love our pets, there is nothing cuter than a fluffy puppy or kitten however sooner or later, most canine parents need to deal with pee stains on their home furniture or carpets. Regardless of how well-trained your little fur-ball might be, accidents always happen. If these “accidents” are not handled almost immediately, a distinctive undesirable smell begins to [...]

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How to remove Tea and Coffee stains from your upholstery?

In British culture it’s a normality to spill tea and coffee, most people start their day with these drinks! Therefore it’s inevitable that a spill could occur. Due to the tannins from plant compounds in these drinks ,it can immediately be soaked up within the fibres of your upholstery. Even though decaf does not contain this , these type of [...]

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9 Carpet Cleaning Tips For New Year

Keeping your home carpet clean is not an easy task. Neglecting it results in either having to live with less than appealing floor covering or spend a lot on professional carpet cleaning services. Below you can find nine very useful tips and tricks to maintain your domestic carpeting in good shape. However, keep in mind that no matter how much [...]

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