How to Dry a Carpet After Cleaning?

We only clean our carpets every once in a while because it’s a tedious job. Of course, a big part of why it’s tedious is because it can be hard to dry it out after cleaning.  Carpets and moisture will never be friends. If you leave your carpet wet or slightly damp for a long time, it’ll create an unpleasant [...]

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9 Carpet Cleaning Tips For New Year

Keeping your home carpet clean is not an easy task. Neglecting it results in either having to live with less than appealing floor covering or spend a lot on professional carpet cleaning services. Below you can find nine very useful tips and tricks to maintain your domestic carpeting in good shape. However, keep in mind that no matter how much [...]

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Hire a Carpet Cleaning Machine, Do It Yourself or Get a Professional?

So there you have it. Your carpet is dirty and you think it is a straightforward task to complete. How hard can it be, right? The simple fact is, the process of cleaning your own carpet to near perfection is not as easy as it looks. Having to hire a carpet cleaning machine as well as all the chemicals needed [...]

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How Carpet Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction is Done

Carpet cleaning with hot water extraction is commonly known as steam cleaning. However, this is not entirely correct as this method uses only hot water to clean carpets and it doesn't use steam. Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning that sprays hot water onto a carpet surface and lifts with it all soils and impurities. Its main [...]

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