Azerbaijani carpet added to UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Here's some very interesting news from our industry: the traditional Azerbaijani carpet is now on UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Azerbaijan is a country located at the border between Eastern Europe and Western Asia (image source) As you may already know, Azerbaijan is a country with an extensive history in the carpet industry. Their carpet weaving history [...]

Carpet Cleaning in East London: A New Video

Marie, a new team member of our London carpet cleaning team, has come up with another video on the services we provide. This time, her video is about our carpet cleaning in East London and it's simply the beginning of a large series of videos which we'll add in the near future. Enjoy! Great deals on our carpet cleaning [...]

Carpet cleaning Chelsea: A video welcoming Marie to our team

Carpet Cleaning Chelsea is something we do best and the results speak for themselves. We get plenty of reviews from our customers in the Chelsea area of London congratulating our carpet cleaners on a job professionally done. Today, we're welcoming a new member to our team: Marie who will be focusing on administration and on keeping our customers up to [...]

A new London carpet cleaning video packed with cool stuff

Hello, everyone. As your favourite London carpet cleaning agency, we've come up with loads of offers and deals that should help you a lot into booking your London carpet cleaners service with us. So here's the good news, piece by piece: A new London carpet cleaning video We've made a great new London carpet cleaning video which should show you [...]

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