Carpet cleaning can be tedious and time consuming and recarpeting is expensive and difficult job. So, why not clean them on a regular basis using thorough and fast carpet cleaning services from Magic Carpet Cleaning at low prices? Our cleaners are well experienced and ready to take every job. Call us now on 0208 861 0979 for more information and price estimate.

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Small room £ 40 £ 20
One bed flat £ 160 £ 80
Three bed flat £ 190 £ 95

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    Five Reasons to Book a Service

    • Is you carpet full of stains? Then book Magic Carpet Cleaning stain removal service.
    • No more dirty carpets. Magic Carpet Cleaning will clean your rug and will make it better than new.
    • Don’t worry about your children or pets, we are using child-safe cleaning agents.
    • Magic Carpet Cleaning have effective and modern cleaning tools for perfect results.

    Magic Carpet Cleaning Services

    Magic London Carpet Cleaning in Mayfair (W1K, W1J) offers a wide spectrum of carpet cleaning services including steam cleaning, dry cleaning and deep carpet cleaning.

    Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering them high standard services with low prices.

    We incorporate eco-friendly and biodegradable equipments in our line of work to create a clean, healthy and safe environment for you.

    Our team of Magic London Carpet cleaners in Mayfair (W1K, W1J) have all been professionally trained and are friendly, courteous and full of energy.

    All spots and stains are individually treated to ensure they are completely removed and not just merged into your carpet.

    How to Find us in Mayfair

    For any enquiries regarding our services, please contact our customer services team and they’ll be more than happy to advise you on the most suitable option. Call us on 0208 861 0979, we keep our phone line open 24/7 for your convenience.

    Don’t miss out on our services!

    Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with the result, we will re-clean within 24 hours, so call our advisers on 020 8930 2650 to book early and get a further discount! Alternatively, you can reach us via our contact form.

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