It isn’t difficult to find a shop in London that will rent you a portable carpet cleaning machine.

The regular do-it-yourself stores will offer everything you need: extractor machines, upholstery hoses and attachments, cleaning solutions, stain removal sprays, even rock-bottom prices for rentals between 24 hours and a whole week. If you look at their websites, they will even give you tips for using the machines and a laundry-list of reasons why renting their equipment is preferable to hiring a professional.

But really, if you think about the task at hand – cleaning the largest and most used part of your home – is this really a DIY task and is it really as easy as they make is sound? And how often do “try it at home” schemes every really match the work of a trained and qualified professional?

Let’s look at the facts.

The floor in your home

The floor in your home is used more than any other item, and it is a magnet for pollutants, bacteria, and allergens.

Of course this sounds scary, and certainly the DIY stores and professional carpet cleaning companies will warn you of this very same thing as both want you to buy their service.

But bear in mind one simple thing – whether or not this is good for marketing purposes or for meeting sales targets, this information is absolutely true.

Everything that you walk through on the outside of your home is ultimately tracked onto your floors and carpets.

This is an amalgamation of automotive and machine oils and chemicals, animal dander and droppings, leaves and mud, human by-products, and anything else that has touched the grass, pavement, or roads.

It all winds up in your home, deeply embedded in your carpets and upholstery, and it can affect the health and safety of your family.

Professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services offer several advantages.

There is an advantage to using the services of an established cleaning service.

First, there is a convenience and time savings benefit for you.

No longer is it your responsibility to drive to the store, wait in the queue, carry the machine home, learn to use the machine, worry if you will have enough time to complete the job, empty heavy buckets of waste water, clean and repack the machine, drive it back to the store, and wait in the queue to return it.

That’s a lot of time and inconvenience.

And there’s another potential danger that the DIY brands will not warn you about: mould.

The retail chains rarely mention to customers that their machines, many of which now have wands and extractors made to look like the tools used by professionals, only have a fraction of the heating power and vacuum suctioning of professional units. This is a problem.

Inferior cleaning machines can leave water standing in your carpets. When this water is left to mix with the dirt that the DIY unit could not extract, the potential for mould increases exponentially.

Suffice it to say that mould, on the largest surface in your home, can cause ongoing allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, and even severe fever in more vulnerable family members such as children or elders. Not to mention that it is extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to remedy correctly.

There’s a better idea.

Use our London carpet cleaners

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