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Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Technician?

Looking for Carpet Cleaning in London?   A carpet can tell you a lot about your life. It will have its own tale to tell and the marks and stains are all part of the storyline. But the muddy footprints, food stains and accidental spillages are not always a story that you want to be told, so that's where a [...]

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Wine and Chewing Gum Carpet Stains: How Do You Remove Them?

Keeping your carpets clean is a hard task and it gets even harder when you have to deal with stains that might seem too difficult to remove. Did you know that most of the stains can be easily removed by yourself? Although it is recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year for your carpets, [...]

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How Carpet Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction is Done

Carpet cleaning with hot water extraction is commonly known as steam cleaning. However, this is not entirely correct as this method uses only hot water to clean carpets and it doesn't use steam. Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning that sprays hot water onto a carpet surface and lifts with it all soils and impurities. Its main [...]

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What are the benefits of becoming a qualified carpet cleaner?

Getting into the carpet cleaning industry isn't as easy as buying a carpet cleaning machine, printing a few business cards and calling door to door. So if you think this is an easy industry with an easy job maybe you should stop reading now, because this is not the career for you. The route to become a qualified carpet cleaner [...]

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How to take care of your carpets

Carpets are all time favourite when it comes to beatifying an area. Day in and day out, carpets are laid on the floor as if it has surrendered itself to absorb all the dirt and debris. Without proper care, your carpets might lose its elegance and fullness. Here are some ways on how to take care of your carpet so [...]

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Basic carpet cleaning tips

Carpets are beautiful addition to an interior arrangement. They give life to a boring ensemble but as much as they add beauty and stylish aura to your living room or bedroom, carpet may be difficult to deal with. They are prone to stains and dirt. A simple drop of wine or oil will alter its overall appearance. But fret not. [...]

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Carpet cleaning Chelsea: A video welcoming Marie to our team

Carpet Cleaning Chelsea is something we do best and the results speak for themselves. We get plenty of reviews from our customers in the Chelsea area of London congratulating our carpet cleaners on a job professionally done. Today, we're welcoming a new member to our team: Marie who will be focusing on administration and on keeping our customers up to [...]

What to look for in a Hackney carpet cleaning company

Carpet cleaning should be done semi-annually but doing so can become tedious or expensive if you let the professionals handle it. As a general rule, you should have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Here are some tips on how to choose a carpet cleaning service provider: Ask around for carpet cleaners recommendations Reputation has a lot to [...]

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