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Carpet cleaning in Kensington: A new video from Marie

Hello, everyone. We've got a new video today about our carpet cleaning in Kensington, made and posted by our team member, Marie. Here's the new video in full: You can watch the video on YouTube, as well. And don't forget: since we're publishing this Kensington carpet cleaning video, we'll also give our customers in the area 10% OFF any [...]

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Machine, Do It Yourself or Get a Professional?

So there you have it. Your carpet is dirty and you think it is a straightforward task to complete. How hard can it be, right? The simple fact is, the process of cleaning your own carpet to near perfection is not as easy as it looks. Having to hire a carpet cleaning machine as well as all the chemicals needed [...]

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6 Tips to Remove Carpet Stains

Have you ever been in a lot of trouble trying to remove carpet stains? Well, tough dirt and stains can be really hard to get rid of, especially if they were left as is for several days. Some would even resort to disposing their favourite carpet at home because they have given up on getting rid of carpet stains. Here's [...]

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Occasions in Life When Your Clean Carpet is Most at Risk

A sparkling clean carpet is one of the more enticing properties which a new home possesses. It can really have that “wow” factor which makes moving home feel like a fresh start and that much more worth it. However, through general wear and tear, the clean carpet can illustrate the lifetime lived in a house, especially for a family with [...]

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Carpet Cleaning in East London: A New Video

Marie, a new team member of our London carpet cleaning team, has come up with another video on the services we provide. This time, her video is about our carpet cleaning in East London and it's simply the beginning of a large series of videos which we'll add in the near future. Enjoy! Great deals on our carpet cleaning [...]

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