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How to remove blood from rugs, carpets and sofas?

Accidents are notorious when having a family, especially with children present! Whether it is a bloody nose or a nasty cut somehow your sofas, rugs and carpets are the real victims! There are several misconceptions about how to remove blood stains on the internet; nevertheless, if expert assistance is not sought, the stain may set in and become permanent. As [...]

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How to remove pet urine stains from carpets and sofas?

We all love our pets, there is nothing cuter than a fluffy puppy or kitten however sooner or later, most canine parents need to deal with pee stains on their home furniture or carpets. Regardless of how well-trained your little fur-ball might be, accidents always happen. If these “accidents” are not handled almost immediately, a distinctive undesirable smell begins to [...]

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How to remove Tea and Coffee stains from your upholstery?

In British culture it’s a normality to spill tea and coffee, most people start their day with these drinks! Therefore it’s inevitable that a spill could occur. Due to the tannins from plant compounds in these drinks ,it can immediately be soaked up within the fibres of your upholstery. Even though decaf does not contain this , these type of [...]

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Stain treatment for stains caused by fizzy drinks

Spillage from a fizzy drink is one of the main and common reasons of carpet stains.   Below is step by step how to try and remove even the toughest stains from drinks with artificial colourants in them.   1)   Blot as much as possible without rubbing into the stain with a white, clean fabric such as a towel. [...]

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How does our booking system work?

In such a busy, and complex city as London, booking a service from our good carpet cleaning company can be a time-consuming task, so we've simplified the way we book our customers, to save you time. This article will show you how our booking system works, and how it can be of benefit to you. A. For domestic customers [...]

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Which Is The Best Hard Floor Option?

Installing a hard flooring has many advantages, especially if you're a working housewife. You can save a lot of time on cleaning and the maintenance is way easier compared to a carpet. You still have to invest some money in detergents, protective coating and refinishing every once in a while. You'll also won't feel the softness of the carpet on [...]

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Keep Your Oriental Rug Out of the Living Area

We adore oriental carpets for their vivid colours and patterns and warm hand­-woven beautiful appearance. Many people lay these rugs in their living-room area or hallway. But this interior concept is used so often that it literally kills oriental carpet's magnificent look. Instead of using your beautiful carpet in living room try something different. Rescue your home from overused interior [...]

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The Dirtiest Places at Home

Everyone wants to have a clean, germ-free house but in our busy everyday life this is really hard to be accomplished. We have to sacrifice our weekend – the time for rest and pleasure activities and complete the cleaning chores we couldn't along the week. To be honest with you I think managing a house is a full time job [...]

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How To Clean Upholstery – The Professional Way

Image Source People often doubt that they will get better results when hiring upholstery cleaning specialists than when they try do the cleaning by themselves. Although there certainly are some issues that anyone can manage with on his own I want to bring to your attention some operations cleaning specialists apply, that reveal benefits [...]

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