As you may already know, we get a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our carpet cleaning customers.

Some of them express their satisfaction with our service in person, when we’ve finished our job at their property.

Others, for example, send us e-mails — which we publish on our testimonials page:

…and some clients prefer to use Google Plus to let us know their impressions of our services.

Our look on Google

In all cases, we’ve added some of their reviews on two pages today: the ones for carpet cleaning in Wimbledon and the one for carpet cleaning in Battersea.

Where can I see your customers’ reviews?

If you scroll down on those two pages, you’ll see the reviews which we’ve received from that particular area. We’ll add more areas as we go along, until we’ve covered all the areas within the M25 ring.

And, more interestingly, if you add a comment there, it will automatically reflect on our Google+ page and on our site’s pages too.

This goes a bit further to show you how transparent we are with our services — and with their guaranteed quality.

Are those reviews real?

Plenty of sites publish reviews which cannot be verified simply because anyone can write something and publish it on a site.

That’s why we’ve decided to use a third-party publisher, Google Plus, to store all our reviews and to display them to our visitors.

These are reviews from real people who have an account on Google and with whom you can interact directly and ask them about our work and our results.

As you can see for yourself, the following review is taken from Google Plus and you can interact with it (i.e., comment on it or share it) directly from our page.

The content of these reviews are beyond our control. We can only reply to them and look into any query you might have.

In other words, making our business more transparent means that you get what you paid for. In our case, that’s a quality service.