As you might remember from yesterday’s article — Deals in Greater London: Special offers for NW1 Westminster residents — we have yet another great deal for our London based customers, and this time it’s something really big:

We’re slashing our prices in half (yes, right down the middle) this summer, until September 2012.

Simply put, you can book and take advantage of ANY of our London cleaning services at half price, until this September.

Let’s see a bit more details on this fantastic cleaning services deal that applies to all areas of London:

Carpet cleaning services 50% OFF sale in London

The voucher is available to London residents, on any of our cleaning services: carpets, rugs and windows cleaning, as well as end of tenancy and stains removal services, too. Just head over to our services page and pick the one you like.

Once you’ve done that, simply call us on our numbers: 0208 861 0979, 0800 680 9139 and quote summer sale.

Quick tip: you can also get in touch with us other than by phone. Please visit our contact page for further details.

You’ll automagically benefit from prices reduced by 50%.

The 50% OFF summer sale on carpet cleaning services: Terms and conditions

The voucher for the 50% OFF summer sale on carpet cleaning services can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion we currently run.

Also, this offer expires at the end of September 2012 so you’ll have to book early to avoid disappointment.