Carpet Cleaners Clay Hill EN2

A well maintained home with freshness and ambience has music of itself and the carpets with their warmth bring beautiful tunes to the heart.

This cherished harmony in homes of Clay Hill (EN2) is also the purpose of Magic London Carpet Cleaning and highly trained professionals work very hard to achieve that beauty in homes and offices.

Free trials to clean the dirtiest parts of the carpets and sofas only exhibit the confidence of our technicians in Clay Hill EN2 high levels of service to build customer trust is at core of every functions.

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One bed flat£140£70
Three bed flat£190£95
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The steam cleaning which extracts dirt by vacuum and use of stain removing agents of popular Prochem brands ensure that the difficult task of cleaning the carpets of dust is completed to satisfaction.

The fibers are not harmed in the process and there is no color bleeding or reappearance of stain marks as they are handled with utmost care by Magic London Carpet Cleaning experts in Clay Hill (EN2)