Magic Carpet Cleaning is an ally of people located in Acton W3 in the fight for cleaner homes and offices.

Our mission is to offer cleaning services of highest quality to those who are much too busy to take care of the cleaning of their home property.

Our carpet cleaners in Acton W3 W4 provide wide variety of cleaning services such as upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning for your domestic or property.

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    Why call on our cleaners in Acton W3:

    Carpet Cleaning Acton W3

    • You can be sure that you will not find hidden conditions or additional fees in the prices of our services
    • We invest in our employees to make sure that we offer supreme quality cleaning services
    • We are confident in our abilities and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • We in Magic Carpet Cleaning guarantee that we will clean without a trace even old spots you are struggling with for years
    • In accordance with safety requirements, we use only 100% safe green detergents – so that your house, office, shop and property is protected and cleaned
    • We provide a service which is fully compliant with the latest trends in cleaning.

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Acton W3 and W4

    Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods for professional cleaning at the moment. Our colleagues and the carpet producers recommend it as an effective way to destroy all germs present on the surface of the treated fabrics. This treatment is preferred by people allergic to dust and dirt. Families with small children or pets also rely on it to sanitize their homes. Through hot water extraction, all allergens are killed which is the biggest advantage of the approach. Our teams mechanically rub detergents through specialized equipment that after a certain time are extracted along with the soil by vacuum for immaculate purity. Hot water is used and the apartment is sanitized. We achieve a result of over 99% purity with every client.

    Our Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning Method

    Dry powder cleaning is the fastest method for quality cleansing of office buildings, shopping malls and commercial areas. Its greatest advantage is the prevention of mold and the preservation of delicate fabrics. It uses powder which is rubbed into the carpet. Then the spots are removed along with the powder by vacuum. Customers do not have to wait for the textile floor to dry, since no water is used. Businesses like it because of this. We use almost 100% biodegradable substances to treat textile floors.

    Stain Removal and Protection

    Our trained specialists clear smudges from coffee, traces of pet urine, wine, food, chewing gum, chocolate, etc. by working with substances of diverse origin – acid, alkaloids, etc. They perform cleaning of synthetic and natural fabrics in houses and offices. We have the equipment and trained staff and we are willing to help you.

    If you feel frustrated because you have to clean your residence or office, we at Magic Carpet Cleaning will do it for you. We offer professional thorough cleaning with just a call. For contacts, use number 0208 861 0979 and we will respond!

    Don’t miss out on our services!

    Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with the result, we will re-clean within 24 hours, so call our advisers on 020 8930 2650 to book early and get a further discount! Alternatively, you can reach us via our contact form.

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