FAQ: Your team has cleaned my carpet: will it shrink?

Magic Carpet Cleaning in London has fully qualified cleaners who have been trained and instructed to use the best cleaning chemicals. There are times when a carpet is exposed to the risk of shrinking after having been treated with cleaning chemicals by our team. Please read below on what you should do to make sure that your carpets will not shrink after having been cleaned by one of our London teams.

Let our London cleaning teams be aware of the issue

It’s always best to inform our London cleaning teams of any carpet cleaning issue you might have in your mind. Please inform our cleaners’ team that your carpet might be prone to shrinkage, after having been treated with cleaning chemicals.

The initial carpet cleaning inspection

Our carpet cleaning teams are fully qualified and always inspect the work that needs to be undertaken, as well. After the initial inspection, you will be informed by our London cleaners’ team of any shrinkage risks your carpet might be exposed to.

Common risks your carpet might be exposed to

There are common risks your carpet might be exposed to — and our London cleaning teams are fully trained to be aware of and tackle them. For example, the carpet fittings might require correction, as they might not be secure. Another example would be that some types of carpets and rugs might be prone to shrinkage due to their fabric. In the latter example, an alternative cleaning method is advised and our London cleaning team will thoroughly discuss this with you, beforehand.

Further information on our London teams’ approach to carpet shrinking risks

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a responsible company. Our London cleaning teams value your feedback and will always ask for it.

For further information on our approach to carpet shrinking risks, please contact us.

Last updated: 21 / 02 / 2019