FAQ: I have someone in my home who is prone to have an allergy. Will your cleaning chemicals affect them?

If you have someone in your home who is prone to have an allergy, we have chemicals that will not affect them. Our London carpet cleaning teams only use chemicals that are approved by British Standards. Moreover, all of our chemicals are biodegradable and they remove allergens such as dust mites. Please read below for further details.

Carpet cleaning chemicals used by our London cleaners

Our London cleaners use chemicals that are water based. Most of these chemicals are, therefore, unlikely to affect the persons who are prone to have an allergy to such products or to furnishings (carpets, rugs, upholstery etc.) that have been cleaned using the said chemicals.

Let our London cleaners know about the issue

Whenever the case, please let our carpet cleaning teams know that you have an allergy to dust mites. Our teams have been instructed and are fully qualified, so they know how to solve this issue. Our London based teams will take all the necessary steps to eliminate the risk of anyone developing an allergy, after having made contact with products such as carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned by us.

Take one extra health and safety measure

Once your furnishings have been cleaned by our London teams, you should take one extra measure. Please ensure that the furnishings that have been cleaned by our London teams do not get in contact — for at least 24 hours — with the persons who are prone to have and allergy. We use environmental-friendly chemicals so the risk or having an allergy has already been greatly reduced.

Further information on our London teams’ approach to allergy caused by carpet cleaning chemicals

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a responsible company. Our cleaners’ teams in London value and will always ask for your feedback on how we’ve done our job. For further information on our approach to allergies that might have been caused by exposure to furnishing items — such as carpets, rugs and upholstery — please contact us. Last updated: 21 / 02 / 2019