FAQ: Do your cleaners use carpet cleaning chemicals?

Our London based cleaners have been fully trained and instructed in regards to using carpet cleaning chemicals.

Our London teams’ approach to carpet cleaning chemicals

Our London carpet cleaning teams use a crystal clear approach to using chemicals in their every day job. In plain terms, this means that our London-based cleaning technicians team will:

Use fresh, clean water

Even though it is still a chemical, water is harmless and it is one of the best cleaning products out there.

This applies regardless if you’re dealing with carpets, rugs, upholstery or any other type of soft furnishing you can think of.

Add an environment-friendly chemical (if needed)

In some situations — such as when dealing with a difficult stain removal task — our London teams of cleaners might use an environment-friendly chemical.

Don’t worry, it gets properly disposed of, after usage.

Tackle and solve the cleaning task at hand

We will professionally tackle and solve the cleaning task at hand.

Our team of London cleaning services will also request feedback on their work and will solve any outstanding tasks, for your convenience.

Rinse all our cleaning equipment

Being a responsible carpet cleaning company in London, we will properly rinse our equipment and dispose of any type of chemicals used during the process.

Further information on our London teams’ approach to carpet cleaning chemicals

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a responsible company. Our cleaners’ teams in London value and will always ask for your feedback on how we’ve done our job. For further information on our approach to carpet cleaning chemicals, please contact us. Last updated: 21 / 02 / 2019