FAQ: Before having my carpets cleaned, do I have to clear out the room?

Magic Carpet Cleaning in London has fully qualified cleaners who know how to do their job. One of the tasks they are most commonly facing are rooms with a lot of loose contents. Please read below about how we tackle this common carpet cleaning issue.

Clearing the room before having the carpet cleaned

You don’t have to clear the room before your carpet is due to be cleaned. Our London cleaners teams can do it for you, instead. It does, however, help if you remove any fragile items such as glassware and porcelain from the room. It also helps if you remove all of the small pieces of furniture — such as cabinets, paper bins and alike — you might have in that room.

What the next carpet cleaning step?

After you have or have had removed small pieces of furniture from your room, our London carpet cleaning teams will move the larger items to a safer spot in your home. The Magic Carpet Cleaning team them proceeds to cleaning the carpet, as per your instructions. Once the job has been thoroughly done, our London carpet cleaning team return the larger items back to the room, with fibre pads / blocks beneath them. This step ensures that no small bits such as rust, dye or loose wood get transferred onto the carpet.

More information about clearing your room by our London carpet cleaning teams

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a responsible company. Our London carpet cleaning teams will always inform you beforehand of their planned actions. They will always ask for feedback from your part, as well.

For further information on how, why and if you should clear your room prior to having the carpet cleaned by our London teams, please contact us.

Last updated: 21 / 02 / 2019