FAQ: Can you remove the black lines that are around the edge of my carpets?

At Magic Carpet Cleaning in London, our staff has been fully trained and it is qualified to sort out any carpets cleaning problems you might have. And, as such, we can remove even the black lines some carpets might have all around their edges. Please read below for further details.

A common problem in London carpets cleaning: black lines on edges

From our experience, we can tell that a common problem our London based teams have to deal with are the black lines that form all around the edges of rugs and carpets. It’s not something uncommon: London is a very busy capital and Londoners usually walk around with their shoes on; hence black lines start to take shape all around the edges of their carpets.

Removing the black lines from around the edges of the carpets

Having the black lines removed from around the edges of the carpets is something our London based team can tackle and solve efficiently and in a professional matter. Prior to cleaning your carpets, our team will assess and inform you of any problems that might arise in the removal of the black stains from around the carpets’ edges. In most of the cases, the black lines are removed and we can also ensure that such problems will not occur any time soon.

Further details about removing black lines from carpets’ edges

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a responsible company. Our London cleaners will always inform you of their planned actions, in regards to removing black lines from carpets’ edges.

For further details on how we tackle the removal of black lines on carpets, please contact us.

Last updated: 21 / 02 / 2019